Prince William echoes Princess Kate's words in emotional statement: 'You are not alone'

Prince William echoes Princess Kate's words in emotional statement: 'You are not alone'

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 18/04/2024

- 09:03

Updated: 18/04/2024

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The Prince of Wales wrote a forward for a guide for people affected by suicide called At Your Side

  • Prince William wrote “You are not alone" like Kate told viewers in her cancer announcement video
  • The Prince of Wales will return to work today with a visit to Surrey
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Prince William has echoed Princess Kate’s words in a statement for families and veterans bereaved by suicide.

The Prince of Wales reminded families affected by suicide that they are not alone in a Suicide Bereavement UK Guide for Veterans and Families called At Your Side.

The materials were commissioned by the National Health Service in England and Prince William wrote the heartfelt forward.

The prince concluded the message by repeating words that Kate used during her cancer announcement video on March 22.

Prince William and Princess Kate

Prince William wrote the forward to a guide for veterans and families affected by suicide


William said: “Please know that you are not alone,” as Princess Kate told viewers “whose lives had been affected by cancer” that “you are not alone.”

Prince William began the message, which featured in both the guide for veterans and for families, stating: “At times of national and international crisis we look to our Armed Forces to provide help, support and stability.

“Members of our Armed Forces never shy away from a challenge – harnessing their skills and working together to help others. But in times of great challenge, it can be tempting to hide one's own needs.

“Few of us will go through our lives without experiencing the loss of someone we love. Thankfully, suicide is rare within the Armed Forces community, but for those bereaved by suicide, this loss can be a complex and long-term experience.”

Prince William

Prince William told families and veterans affected by suicide that "you are not alone"


The organisation also announced on its website that training for Responding to Suicide by the Armed Forces would be introduced soon.

William continued: “Often the stigma surrounding suicide can prevent those affected from speaking out and seeking help.

“I hope this guide will act as a vital source of guidance and support, helping those who are impacted by suicide to process their loss, during what can be dark days of grief.”

William and the Royal Air Force thanked “everyone whose experience has informed this guide and to the team who produced such a meaning and helpful series.”

Prince William

Prince William is set to return to work for the first time on Thursday since Kate's cancer announcement


The prince wrote: “It is essential that the voices of those bereaved by suicide are heard.”

The guides were produced with people who have been affected by suicide alongside experts in military health, suicide prevention and bereavement.

William concluded: “There is no time limit to processing grief, but Catherine and I have met many bereaved families over the years and know the power that comes from sharing experiences, even in the most tragic of circumstances.”

Prince William is expected to return to work in person today by spotlighting the impact community and environment organisations across Surrey and West London are having in the area.

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