Meghan Markle blasted for snubbing 'important' UK visit: 'She knows she would get a bad reception'

Meghan Markle blasted for snubbing 'important' UK visit: 'She knows she would get a bad reception'

WATCH NOW: Meghan Markle criticised for missing Prince Harry's Invictus Games service in London

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 30/04/2024

- 17:24

Prince Harry will return to the UK on May 8 for an Invictus Games church service at St Paul's Cathedral

Prince Harry will be "lonely" at his Invictus Games church service as he returns to the UK solo next week, it has been claimed.

Charlotte Griffiths, Royal Editor for the Mail on Sunday, told GB News that Meghan Markle's decision not to join her husband in the UK next week is "so sad".

The Duke of Sussex will return to London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, as the cause will be marked in a special church service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Instead of joining her husband, Meghan will instead travel to Nigeria with Prince Harry after the service, following an invitation from the country's chief of defence staff.

Charlotte Griffiths and Meghan Markle

Charlotte Griffiths says Meghan Markle 'knows she'd get a bad reception' if she returned to the UK

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In a discussion with GB News host Patrick Christys, Griffiths claimed that the decision could have been made because the Duchess "knows she'll get booed and get a bad reception" if she were to set foot in the UK again.

Reacting to the confirmation of Meghan's snub, host Patrick Christys argued that if Meghan is "all for the Invictus Games", why would she choose not to come with him to Britain?

Griffiths also noted that "no senior members of the Royal Family" are going to be at the event, making the Invictus Games service a "very stark" trip for Harry.

She added: "It's where his parents got married. It's going to be a very sombre and senior event."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will travel together to Nigeria, following the service


Criticising the duchess, Griffiths told GB News: "Meghan is leaving him there alone. I just think he's going to cast a really lonely portrait of a man without his friends around him, without his family and without senior members of the Royal Family."


Griffiths added: "It's a really important part of Harry's soul, and the kind of thing he'd want his wife, maybe even his kids by his side for."

However, Griffiths highlighted: "If she was to come to the UK, it would be really difficult. It would bring up terrible memories of the past for her and awkward moments when she was in various churches and things.

"But she's a strong and tough woman, we know that about her, and she's always telling us how brave she is. So if I were her, I would I'd be brave and walk up those steps. It would look great for her Netflix show anyway."

Patrick agreed, asking the Royal Editor: "Apparently no senior members of the Royal Family have got plans to see him at all?"

Charlotte Griffiths

Charlotte Griffiths says Prince Harry will be a 'lonely portrait' at the service

GB News

Griffiths revealed: "He's staying in a hotel, he's not staying in a royal residence. I think he'll be here for a couple of days, not a week.

"I just don't think Meghan will let him out of her sight for that long. I think a couple of days is all he'll manage."

Discussing the Sussexes trip to Nigeria after Harry's visit to London, Griffiths added: "She will be in Montecito, prepping her outfits and getting ready for the show-stopping tour, but she didn't join him for the bit that really mattered."

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