Harry and Meghan 'have blown it' with Americans: Sussexes have 'soured in US'

Harry and Meghan 'have blown it' with Americans: Sussexes have 'soured in US'

Greg Swenson speaks to Jacob Rees-Mogg

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 30/11/2023

- 21:32

Updated: 30/11/2023

- 22:21

Greg Swenson said Americans initially welcomed the pair

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have “blown” their relationship with the American public, Greg Swenson has claimed.

The Republican Overseas Chairman told Jacob Rees-Mogg that while Americans initially welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “with open arms”, the relationship has since soured.

“It started off very well. They were very popular”, he said.

“They got a really enormous welcome to America but they have since blown it. They are polling really poorly and people are bored of them.

“I wouldn’t call it overstaying their welcome but it hasn’t played well with the general public.”

GB News presenter Jacob Rees-Mogg waded in by stating America is the “land of opportunity”, and therefore public figures “moaning” is unlikely to chime with its people.

Greg Swenson, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Greg Swenson criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Swenson commented: “Better would have been, ‘thank you for having me’, that would have played well.

“There was open arms for both of them. People were all excited about Meghan’s marriage and Harry moving to the US.


Meghan and HarryMeghan and Harry have made a name for themselves in the USPA

“It has soured completely and I think it goes along in many ways like opinions in the UK have.”

The couple moved across the pond in 2020 after announcing their decision to step back from royal duties.

They have since become financially independent and launched lucrative deals with media juggernauts such as Netflix and Spotify.

Meghan and Harry have had mixed success ever since, with their Spotify deal coming to an early end.

The couple have used their new platform to launch staggering attacks on the Royal Family, their Netflix documentary series in particular being used to drop a series of bombshells.

Harry accused his brother, Prince William, of briefing the press against him, something he described as “heartbreaking”.

He also implied William and Princess Kate were jealous of Meghan, suggesting she was “stealing the limelight” from them.

“The issue is, when someone who’s marrying in, who should be a supporting act is then stealing the limelight, or is doing the job better than the person who was born to do this, that upsets people”, he said.

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