Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Christmas plans revealed amid 'moving to UK' reports

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were in NYC for World Mental Health Day
Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 20/10/2023

- 12:40

Updated: 20/10/2023

- 13:34

The royal couple have been surrounded by reports they could head back to the UK

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have no plans to return to the UK for Christmas, according to a royal expert.

The royal couple have been surrounded by reports that they could head back to the UK after Harry was said to be 'looking'.

However it is unlikely the pair will bring their children back to the UK any time soon - especially as Christmas draws near.

Royal historian and expert Dr Tessa Dunlop told the Mirror: "Christmas is coming and we want Meghan and Harry to inject the Windsor brand with a bit of Transatlantic tension.

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"But don’t hold your breath, just as Harry was a no-show at Balmoral this summer it is unlikely that he’ll grace Sandringham with his presence.

"Far from buying a penthouse near London, it doesn’t even look like King Charles will get a Christmas cuddle with those absent grandchildren."

Reports suggested Harry was considering moving to New York or even back to the UK but that Meghan 'couldn't imagine leaving' where she was.

Speaking to Patrick Christys on GB News, Lady Colin Campbell also waded into the debate.

She said: "Lady Colin joked to Patrick Christys: "We should be so lucky!" while laughing.

She added: ""If they move, Harry will be staying here sometimes because it suits him in terms of his status as a counsellor of state and a possible regent should anything happen to William in the future.

"But I think it's all a load of [nonsense]."

Meanwhile Meghan Markle has seen a huge drop in her popularity in the US, according to fresh polling data.

Findings by YouGov put the Duchess of Sussex's net approval rating has fallen from 17 per cent in the second quarter of the year to 10 per cent in the third.

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