Lady Louise Windsor has a 'space' to work for the Royal Family

Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise Windsor has a 'space' to work for the Royal Family

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 18/11/2023

- 12:46

Updated: 18/11/2023

- 12:53

Prince Edward's daughter is currently studying at university

Lady Louise Windsor has a "space" to work for the Royal Family, a royal commentator has claimed.

The eldest child of Prince Edward and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh is not currently a working member of the Royal Family.

The 20-year-old is a student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, reading English Literature.


This is the same institution that Louise's cousin Prince William and his wife Princess Kate attended between 2001 and 2005.

WATCH NOW: King Charles wants 'slimmed-down monarchy'

Unlike her older cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Louise is not a royal princess.

Despite being the daughter of a prince and King Charles's niece, Sophie and Edward decided against royal titles for their children in the hope they would lead a normal life.

But now that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew are no longer working royals, a royal commentator has claimed there could be a "space" for Lady Louise to take up more duties.

Richard Fitzwilliams exclusively told GB News: "There are a large number of organisations and institutions which previously had a royal patron.

Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise Windsor at the Coronation concert


"That does leave a space for Lady Louise Windsor, possibly."

The expert explained that King Charles's idea for a slimmed-down monarchy is no longer plausible.

Fitzwilliams said: "What has been obvious and Princess Anne pointed it out a while ago, is that when King Charles came to the throne, there was all this talk about a slimmed-down monarchy.

"Firstly, the monarchy had already been slipped down with the Sussexes and Andrew no longer performing royal duties.

James, Earl of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor

Louise is currently at university


"Secondly, there are only four working royals under the age of 70. So with some of those, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent and so forth, there is a time limit to what these individuals can achieve.

"When it comes to Princess Anne, she's done a tremendous amount and she undoubtedly will for the foreseeable.

"But the facts are simply that the Duke of Edinburgh had 992 patronages, the late Queen Elizabeth II had 600, and Charles had over 800 as the Prince of Wales.

"There isn't the possibility of taking all those up with the current set of working royals.

James, Earl of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor

Louise at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral


"Because especially since just recently Prince William has given an interview, where he's talked about doing more but in a different way.

"And that doesn't mean taking numerically more.

"What it means is doing more for his patronages with homelessness, the Earthshot Prize for the environment, and mental health that he's currently doing."

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