King Charles makes first statement since being discharged from hospital

King Charles makes first statement since being discharged from hospital

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 31/01/2024

- 16:42

His Majesty was discharged from The London Clinic on Monday afternoon

King Charles has made his first statement since returning home from hospital following a prostate treatment.

His Majesty announced his support for this year’s Big Help Out scheme and encouraged people to volunteer during times of economic hardship.

The Big Help Out is a non-profit initiative where individuals and companies can register to volunteer for events that make a difference in their communities.

Charles said: “One of the greatest strengths of our nation is our ability to come together and help each other through times of hardship.

King Charles

King Charles released his first statement today since returning home


“Throughout my life I have been encouraged and inspired by those selfless volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to help others.

“As I said in my Christmas broadcast last year, this is all the more important at a time of real hardship for many, when we need to build on existing ways to support others less fortunate than ourselves.”

In the statement written before the King went into hospital, he said that it was “wonderful” that seven million people took part in the initiative in May last year as part of his coronation celebrations.

The monarch said: “Thanks to all those millions who took part, The Coronation became a moment not just to celebrate continuity and nationhood, but also the values that we have long held dear: kindness, compassion and service to others.”

King Charles

King Charles has left the London Clinic alongside Queen Camilla after spending three nights in the hospital


The Big Help Out initiative will be held between June 7and June 8 this year and will give volunteers the opportunity to help out in a number of worthwhile causes.

His Majesty urged schools and businesses to get involved this year stating: “Young people’s energy and enthusiasm can be enormously valuable, and business is a vital part of the fabric of both our local communities and of our wider society.”

Individuals can get involved in several worthy causes like supporting a local food bank, tending to a community garden, spending time with a vulnerable person or teaching a skill to young people.

The long term aim of the Big Help Out is to get people volunteering who may not have considered it or been faced with the opportunity before.

King Charles

The King encouraged individuals to volunteer for the Big Help Out scheme

King Charles waving

The Big Help Out is set for June 7 and June 8 this year


The King rounded off his announcement by calling on those who are able to join the scheme this summer: “I can only encourage you to support the Big Help Out once more, thereby helping to build the kinder, closer communities of which we can all be so proud."

King Charles left The London Clinic with his wife, Camilla, on Monday after spending three nights there following his treatment.

Earlier the same day the Princess of Wales was discharged after spending almost two weeks recovering from an abdominal operation.

The two royals are now recovering in their homes and are not expected to return to work for some time.

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