Cancer sufferer who met Kate shares message Princess of Wales gave him

Cancer sufferer who met Kate shares message Princess of Wales gave him

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 15/04/2024

- 15:56

The Princess of Wales began a course of preventative chemotherapy last month

  • Princess Kate met Paul Philip Roberts in 2019
  • The Princess of Wales has paused public duties during her treatment
  • Kate confirmed her preventative chemotherapy treatment in an emotional video message in March 2024

A cancer sufferer who met Kate has shared the message the Princess of Wales gave him.

After learning the "brave" Princess of Wales had begun chemotherapy, a man who spoke to her after his cancer diagnosis said his "heart goes out to her".

Shortly after undergoing treatment for lung cancer in 2019, Paul Philip Roberts, 53, said he visited Kate in Blackpool and the princess immediately showed him how much "she cares."

Prince William and Kate spent the day in the coastal town exploring several regeneration-focused initiatives and going to Blackpool Tower, where the princess had her first meeting with Roberts.

Kate Middleton

Kate began a course of preventative chemotherapy in March


Roberts said: “I’d just come out of hospital and Kate was visiting Blackpool with Prince William, they were touring Blackpool, and it was then that I managed to chat to her.

“She did a walkabout, William went on one side and she came the other side, she came to my side, and we were chatting for a good five minutes.

“We were chatting and I was saying, my life has changed, it was so difficult, you’ve got to go through every emotion.

“She basically said: ‘What cancer is it?’, And I said it was stage three and that I had my lung out, and she said ‘Oh my God, that’s awful’ and she said ‘Just keep going’ and she gave us a hug.

Paul Philip Roberts

Paul Philip Roberts met Princess Kate in 2019

Paul Philip Roberts

“She wished me all the luck in the world and she listened. She cared, and that’s one thing that struck me – she cares.”

He continued: “I can feel for her and I have a lot of empathy for her because she’s such a nice lady."

Roberts claimed he had suspected something was wrong with the princess, saying: “I just kind of knew. You know what, I knew. I had an inkling, just looking at the news and social media.

“I think it’s brave that she’s come out, sat down and addressed the world, and she’s put speculation to bed. Now I think she just wants to get on and do her treatment.”

Kate MiddletonKate shared her cancer diagnosis with the world via videoPA
Kate Middleton

Princess Kate and William in Blackpool in 2019


Roberts believes the Princess of Wales announcing that she has cancer could encourage others to get checked for the illness.

He commented: “It’s beneficial to the community and to the world when you think about how many people she might have saved.”

In his message to the Princess of Wales, Roberts said: “Always focus on getting stronger. That’s my message to her, is to focus on getting stronger, and take all the support that you can because it’s crucial.

“I just wish her all the luck in the world and I hope she manages to get through it, especially for her family.”

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