Joe Biden in cringe-worthy speech as Congressional Black Caucus audience laugh at struggling President


Biden appeared at the award show last night

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 24/09/2023

- 14:43

Updated: 24/09/2023

- 13:54

The President mispronounced the name of popular rapper LL Cool J

Joe Biden mistakenly called a famous rapper by the wrong name to the Congressional Black Caucus last night, in yet another butchered speech by the US President.

Biden was presenting an award to American rapper LL Cool J when he appeared to stumble over his words and mistakenly called him “LL Jay Cool J”, resulting in the audience erupting in laughter at the President’s mistake.

The 80-year-old was presenting a Phoenix award to both LL Cool J and MC Lyte, for their musical contributions at the annual ceremony.

Appearing on stage, Biden said: “Two of the great artists of our time representing ground-breaking legacy of hip hop in America, LL Jay Cool J, uhhh…”

BidenJoe Biden is the oldest-ever President to hold officePA

The audience at the show hosted in Washington DC began laughing at the President’s error, the latest in a series of gaffes the 80-year-old has become known for.

He continued: “By the way that boy - that man's got biceps bigger than my thighs.”

After the blunder, the President went on to congratulate MC Lyte, the other recipient of the award.

The President has since been trolled by social media users.


One user said: “Ohhh god make it stop PLLLEASE . he's making a total mockery of this country.”

Some commenters picked up on the use of the word “boy” being used in relation to a black man, which could be considered derogative.

One user accused him of being an “ignorant racist Democrat”.

Earlier this year, Biden referred to Maryland’s first black governor Wes Moore as a “boy”.

“You got a hell of a new governor in Wes Moore, I tell ya,” Biden told members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in February.

“He's the real deal, and the boy looked like he could still play. He's got some guns on him,” he added.

LL Cool J

​LL Cool J was receiving an award for his musical achievements 


In May, Biden used the term to refer to a Muslim man who interrupted a speech he was given.

“Hush up, boy, as my mother would say,” he said.

Senator Cory Booker criticised Biden slammed the 80-year-old for his repeated use of the term when referring to black men.

“You don't joke about calling black men boys”, he told CNN.

The gaffe is the latest from Biden, who has become well-known for his frequent blunders.

This week, the President mistakenly said he has been to the site of “every mass shooting”.

The incident is the most recent in a series of mistakes and blunders that have begun to raise questions about Biden’s physical and mental abilities.

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