'Biggest spinner since Blair!' Farage blasts Sunak claims at People's Forum: 'Not stopping the boats!'

'Biggest spinner since Blair!' Farage blasts Sunak claims at People's Forum: 'Not stopping the boats!'

WATCH NOW: Nigel Farage reacts to Rishi Sunak's People's Forum

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 13/02/2024

- 12:19

The Prime Minister faced undecided voters in County Durham at the GB News People's Forum last night

Rishi Sunak has been slammed by GB News presenter Nigel Farage following his performance at the GB News People's Forum in County Durham.

The Prime Minister was confronted by a crowd of voters on some of the biggest issues affecting Britain, including immigration, coronavirus vaccines and trans policy.

The studio audience for the GB News event was made up of a cross-section of UK voters.

The audience recruitment was carried out by Survation who worked to provide a representative array of voices for the event.

Nigel Farage and Rishi Sunak

Nigel Farage says Rishi Sunak is the 'biggest spinner since Blair'

GB News

Reacting to the Prime Minister's performance, Nigel Farage said he didn't learn "a single thing" after tuning in to the People's Forum.

Nigel claimed that Sunak would have been "relieved it was over" after the hour-long grilling session came to a close.

Nigel told GB News hosts Andrew Pierce and Pip Tomson: "What I learnt was that he has his stock lines. They are all inversions and twists of the truth. He's the biggest spinner since Blair.

"He just thinks if you repeat the same line over and over and over, in the end people will start to believe you."

Nigel continued: "The biggest disappointment were some of the questions. Nothing on the massive legal net migration into the United Kingdom, nothing on energy bills and the plan to build 18,000 wind turbines, which is still Conservative Party policy.

"That will be subsidised by all of you sitting at home."

Following the event, a poll of the audience found that 50 per cent of those who listened to Sunak now intend to vote for his party at the next election.

A further 36 per cent said they are still undecided and 14 per cent admitted they will now vote for another party.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage says Rishi Sunak is 'twisting the truth'

GB News

Nigel also highlighted the absence of any discussion on any international conflicts, which he said he'd "like to have seen Rishi answer questions on", in particular Ukraine and Israel.

Summarising the performance of the Prime Minister ahead of the next general election, Nigel told GB News that Sunak "wasn't challenged enough" on key issues.

Nigel concluded: "I'm sure he walked off last night thinking 'phew, I'm glad that's over'. He would. For someone like Sunak, that would be an ordeal, but an ordeal that he pretty much sailed through.

"He wasn't challenged on many of his key assertions, which are wrong. It was a good night for him, it was a good night for GB News. Did we learn anything new about him, his personality or his policies? No."

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