Why I'm not standing in 2024 Election - Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has outlined exactly why he's not standing in the 2024 Election

GB News
Nigel Farage

By Nigel Farage

Published: 24/05/2024

- 14:21

Updated: 24/05/2024

- 15:54

The GB News presenter also reveals his plans after the 2024 Election in the US

I have always said that there'll be a moment when I throw my hat in the ring fully into British politics. I've also said, aged 60, I've got one more card to play and it's about when I play it. I had to be honest, I put in place some preparations to launch next week.

I do wonder whether the Conservative Party found out about it. I think the sense of panic that we saw from them, the badly prepared speech, might perhaps have prompted it a little bit.
There were a variety of options that I could have gone for.

However, that's the only thing that's changed. The fact that I won't be standing has changed.

Am I going to be campaigning? Yes.

Am I back in Richard Tice 100 per cent? Yes.

Will I be traveling around the country speaking, going to rallies, doing media? Yes.

Do I think that the country's immigration figures - and they are stunning figures. 1.2 million people settled in this country last year, 141,000 from Nigeria, a quarter of a million from India, 83,000 from Pakistan.

At a time when rents have gone up 20 per cent in two years, you can't get a GP appointment.

More people have settled in the country in the last two years, then came here during the Norman invasion.

If the Tories think it's great that I'm not standing they are wrong. I'm going to be involved in this campaign.

What I could not do in a space of six weeks. And yes, all right, he's wrong-footed me, but it was space of six weeks was to find a constituency from scratch and go around the country.

I'm utterly committed to Reform. I believe their agenda is the only one that can actually stop the sense of national decline that we're in.

I thought of several seats. I hadn't decided which. That wasn't the point. The point is I'm going to be involved in this campaign.

On the American Election

The American election doesn't matter more to me. It matters more to us, matters more to the world. We are closer now that we've been at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis to a serious global war.

World War Three matters more to this country than who wins the next election - and a weak America.

We saw the Biden withdrawal from Kabul. We saw the Taliban taking back over. That was followed by Putin invading Ukraine. The Chinese are now rattling their sabers over Taiwan, we're in a very bad place. We need to recognise the leader of the Western world is America.

Whether you like him or not. Donald Trump believes in peace through strength.

So my plan is very simple is to campaign up until July 4th, very hard for Tice and for Reform.

And by the way, this is a six year campaign. We have a six year plan to become the biggest party in British politics.

Six weeks wasn't enough for me to do both on the national stage and in a constituency, but after that I'll be in America a lot.

Trump, whether you love him or hate him, believes in peace through strength.

He must win.

What I'm good at is getting grassroots energized, getting grassroots active.

And I've been offered a role to work for a very big grassroots conservative movement in America, not aligned to the Republican Party as such, but very influential.

I went out three years ago and spoke to these people. I turned up in Arizona. A thousand people turned up.

And, you know, I said to them, get engaged, fight, don't come along and clap and agree. Don't go to a Trump rally and love it. Get engaged.

And if I can help with that. If I can help Trump win, that's good for all of us.

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