Migrant crisis: Matt Goodwin blasts ‘big Tory lie’ as low-skill migrants flood Britain in ‘Ponzi’ scheme

Migrant crisis: Matt Goodwin blasts ‘big Tory lie’ as low-skill migrants flood Britain in ‘Ponzi’ scheme

Matt Goodwin hits out at the 'big Tory lie'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 05/01/2024

- 19:16

The pollster spoke to Michelle Dewberry on GB News

Matt Goodwin has taken aim at the Conservative Government, accusing them of running a “Ponzi” migrant scheme.

The pollster spoke to Michelle Dewberry on GB News where he hit out at the small boat “invasion” by migrants and took aim at Tory “lies”.

He claims that over the last five years, just 15 per cent of people arriving in Britain from outside Europe through net migration came for work.

Goodwin says this is at odds with what was promised by the Conservatives upon the completion of Brexit.

Matt Goodwin and Rishi Sunak

Matt Goodwin has hit out at Rishi Sunak


“Boris Johnson and the Tories are lying to the British people”, he said.

“We were promised a high-skilled, high-wage, highly selective immigration system post-Brexit.


“We’ve been given the complete opposite. We have been given low-skill, low-wage, uncontrolled mass migration.

“If you look at the number of people coming into Britain from outside of Europe over the last two years, we had about two million.

“Of those two million, just 15 per cent came for work. Who are the rest? International students, the relatives of workers, relatives of students, asylum seekers, refugees, people on humanitarian routes.

“By liberalising the system, by allowing a much larger number of international students, many of whom go to second rate universities, many drop out of their studies, many of whom work in low wage jobs and tend to take out more than they put in, the Conservatives have created a massive Ponzi scheme.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was branded a 'liar' by Goodwin


“This is the very opposite of what Boris Johnson and the Tories promised post-Brexit.”

It comes after Rishi Sunak claimed victory in clearing the backlog of asylum claims.

The Prime Minister pledged in December 2022 that he would “abolish” the legacy backlog of asylum claims made before 28 June of that year.

On Monday, the Home Office claimed the pledge had been “delivered” in a claim that has since been described as “misleading”.

The Home Office said on Monday that all cases in the legacy backlog have been reviewed, but added that "4,500 complex cases have been highlighted that require additional checks or investigation for a final decision to be made".

Said cases normally involve "asylum seekers presenting as children - where age verification is taking place; those with serious medical issues; or those with suspected past convictions, where checks may reveal criminality that would bar asylum", the department added.

Rishi Sunak continues to face pressure in his bid to tackle net migration, with figures continuing to surge.

The matter is set to become a key battleground in the next general election, which the Prime Minister is expecting to take place in the second half of 2024.

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