Tory MP Philip Davies: 'Reform are an irrelevance - the future is in our hands'

Tory MP Philip Davies: 'Reform are an irrelevance - the future is in our hands'
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 05/01/2024

- 12:55

Tory MP Philip Davies has claimed Reform UK are an “irrelevance” and that his party must focus on the task at hand to win back voters.

Mr Davies insisted the future was still “in the hands of the Conservatives” despite disastrous early polling which shows them well behind Labour.

On the creeping support Richard Tice and his party are receiving he told GBNews: “Reform is an irrelevance in this to a certain extent, I like Richard Tice. I consider myself a friend of Richard Tice. I'm certainly not going to criticise Richard; he's a good guy and I probably agree with him on more things than I disagree with him.

“But the fact of the matter is the issue is not the Reform Party in itself. No, ultimately, we've got to persuade people that they are much better off having us than under a Labour government. And if they feel that they'll vote Conservative at the election, that is our task.

“Reform will not make any impact on the election at all. This is all down to us. We need to win voters back by concentrating on what we do.

“Reform is a protest vote in effect. People will be voting Reform because they are unhappy with what we were doing as the government. That's why they want to vote for reform. So, my point is that our future is in our own hands here. We've got to win those voters back. If Reform don't stand at the election or whether they stand to the election is neither here nor there.

“Because if people don't feel that there's any better off having a Labour government, they will vote Conservative anyway, whether there's a reformed candidate standing or not.

“So, Reform in that regard is really irrelevant. It is what we do. We've got to persuade people between now and the general election that they are much better off with a Conservative Government, rather than a Labour Government.

“If we can do that, they'll vote Conservative. If we can't do that, they'll either vote Reform or they won't vote at all or vote for another party. So, it doesn't really matter about the other parties. Our future is in our own hands. We've got to win these people back by our own actions.”


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