Inside Carol Vorderman's left-wing 'tactical voting' plan to 'eviscerate' the Tories

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman attended a meeting of an online Town Hall entitled How to Stop The Tories

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Charlie Peters

By Charlie Peters

Published: 25/05/2024

- 06:46

Carol Vorderman attended an online Town Hall meeting entitled 'How to Stop The Tories'

Carol Vorderman and other left-wing activists have launched a renewed strategy to vote out the Conservative Party through tactical voting.

Working with campaign groups The Movement Forward and, over 1,000 people joined an online discussion last night to prepare for the election.

The Welsh broadcaster, 63, said she was first aware of the upcoming general election two hours before the official announcement from an associate “who has a mole at Number 10.”

“We weren't allowed to say anything,” she said, adding: “I was like, oh my God … after all the frustrations and all the work that everybody has put in and all the crap that we’ve had to witness, almost like being held hostage by this appalling bloody government. And then suddenly it was there."
Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman has called for 'tactical voting' to 'destroy the Tory party


Explaining her support for tactical voting, Vorderman said: “Now is one of those opportunities, like a once in a lifetime opportunity, to change the history of this country and what I want is all of us together, and I believe that we can, to absolutely decimate and eviscerate this appalling, divisive and cruel and greedy Tory party.

“Not just the government, they're going to lose, but the party itself.”

To achieve this through tactical voting, an organiser said people needed to spread the word of their campaign through sharing posts on social media.

“We can’t spend the kind of money that the parties can or has been spent on Facebook ads by dark organizations that you can't track,” the organiser lamented, urging supporters to “just try and get as many people doing this as possible.”

Vorderman said she was planning to be “everywhere” talking about the tactical voting strategy.

“I’m going to be going on the telly, radio, everywhere talking about it … to talk about tactical voting. I’m going to be pushing that. So this time, this is why I think we can get more than 10 million who will type their postcode in [to the website].

“And can you imagine the effect there that will have and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
Online left-wing political poster Tan Smith, also known as supertanskiii, said the strategy was “logical, not ideological”.

“There's a specific aim here, and we have an objective which is the evisceration, a very moral objective, I think, which is destroying them [the Conservatives] as a party.

“And I just want to make it really clear that it's not about tribalism or purity or emotions. It's about an achievable aim and it's about collective mobilisation towards that aim.”

Ms Smith lamented “the print media … who unfortunately seem to choose our politicians,” warning that they were “next on my list after the election.”

Speakers confirmed that a so-called ‘stop the Tories townhall’ would gather on X, formerly Twitter, to discuss their strategy every night at 9pm until the election on July 4th.

Senior Research Assistant at JL Partners, Jo Alder said: "The levels of anti-Conservative sentiment around the country mean we can expect tactical voting to play a key role in this election.

"We can already see this in the polling: when we ask voters in Conservative–Liberal Democrat marginals to consider tactical voting, the Lib Dem vote share receives an 8-point boost, from 24% to 32%. This effect will very likely increase over the campaign, as parties hammer the message that only they can win in their target constituencies.

"Tactical voters do face an additional challenge in that this election will be fought on new boundaries – meaning voters are less likely to know which parties stand the best chance of winning in their area. That makes these tactical voting campaigns all the more important in helping voters coordinate around a single party."

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