Andrew Pierce delivers his verdict on Sunak and Starmer - crisis and rebellion

Andrew Pierce assesses the fortunes of both the Tories and Labour

Andrew Pierce assesses the fortunes of both the Tories and Labour

GB News
Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 16/11/2023

- 20:35

In a GB News members-only video, Andrew Pierce assesses the fortunes of both the Conservatives and Labour right now

Speaking this morning in the GB Newsroom, Andrew Pierce said: "It's the biggest crisis of Rishi Sunak's premiership and it's self-inflicted. He was warned again and again, we now know, by Suella Braverman when she was Home Secretary that his Rwanda scheme wasn't workable because of our addiction to the human rights legislation and the fact we're still signed up to the European Court.

"So he came out fighting. He did very well in that press conference in Downing Street just hours after the Supreme Court did what we all knew it would do: it chucked out the Rwanda refugee scheme.

"And he says he will not allow a Strasbourg Court to dictate to a British Parliament what it can and can't do. Really, Prime Minister? You've allowed it to do it before on many occasions."

Turning his attention to the Labour Party, Andrew concluded that the situation is: "Pretty bad for Keir Starmer too.

"He faced the biggest rebellion of his leadership on Wednesday night in the Commons. 56 MPs backing an SNP motion calling for an immediate ceasefire.

"I was having a drink that night with a Labour frontbench who said none of our MPs will support it. None of them. Well 56 did, eight resignations more to come."

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