Mark Dolan: Being trans is not a life choice, this is who you are, but it cannot be done at the expense of women

Mark Dolan: Being trans is not a life choice, this is who you are, but it cannot be done at the expense of women
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 11/03/2022

- 21:20

Updated: 11/03/2022

- 22:45

Biological women make up 50% of the voting population, so I think it would be wise of the Labour Party, if they seek power once again, to actually support and stick up for this somewhat important group in our society.

Biological women make up 50% of the voting population, so I think it would be wise of the Labour Party, if they seek power once again, to actually support and stick up for this somewhat important group in our society.

Over the course of a couple of million years, I think it's fair to say the female of the species, having incubated every baby in history for nine months, having worked, raised offspring, taught, loved, fought, defended, created and cared for, have made their contribution to the human story.

Women, aren't half bad are they? If I had to choose between the male and the female of the species, I think from my life experience, women would just edge it.

So forgive me if I feel somewhat put out when I see them being gaslit, attacked, abused, discredited, and in some cases literally erased.

Which takes me to the Labour party. A very inspiring video from Labours highly talented shadow equalities minister Anneliese Dodds was released this week.

Dodds tweeted out this video about how Labour wants to lift women up. I wouldn’t recommending that literally by the way. I tried that recently with Mrs Dolan and my lower back’s still not right.

Labour want to lift women up, but obviously not lift them up to the extent of ever having a female leader. Apparently the Conservatives are a much less progressive party, but they've had two women in the top job. I guess actions speak louder than words. They’ve had Theresa May

And the most significant figure in the last hundred years of British politics, second only to Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher.

And love her or hate her, Mrs Thatcher would be horrified to see women being undermined as they are right now, after everything she achieved as our first female Prime Minister.

How awkward that Annalise Dodds wants to lift women up, but struggled on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour this week to define what a woman actually is. Based upon her appearance, the show should be renamed “Non-binary Human’s Hour”.

When asked what defines a woman by the brilliant Emma Barnett, an official woman, she said it 'depends on what the context is'. Dodds added that the Equality Act 'doesn't say how you define' the words 'adult' and 'female'.

Eh? Are you confused? I am. This seems to be a cultural and ideological problem within the Labour Party.

Could it ultimately have echoes of their anti-semitism scandal? You tell me. On Tuesday, the shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper became the second Labour frontbencher to struggle.

In an interview with Times Radio, she refused three times to offer a definition of a woman, saying she was not going to go down a 'rabbit hole'. And she’s married to someone called Balls. And of course Keir.

It’s not a rabbit hole folks. Let me help you with this. Basic facts of biology are not a rabbit hole, they're not complicated and by the way they are not views or opinions.

We hear a lot of references to author J. K. Rowling's “opinions” on biological sex or her “views”. I'm afraid it's just facts, reality, the truth. This is my favourite video.

One of the worlds most revered experts in reproduction, Professor Robert Winston, a man who's helped get more women pregnant Boris Johnson.

And by the way this is not a left versus right issue. Professor Winston sits on the Labour Party benches in the House of Lords

It's a matter of the deepest irony that Yvette Cooper actually wrote a book about women. It’s called She Speaks: Women's Speeches That Changed the World, from Pankhurst to Greta

Well, she's eating her words now. I am super pro trans and have many friends who have been on that important and joyous journey.

But we've got to stop this madness, calling women “birthing humans” or “cis woman”, which sounds like something out of Philip K Dick novel. Speaking of Dick, for the hard of thinking, let me, as someone who achieved a rather impressive C in GCSE biology explain.

There are many ways you can identify, but if you have a cervix, a womb and breasts, you are a woman. If you have testicles, facial hair and a penis, you are a man.

Gender ideology, which denies these basic facts, is anti-scientific, confusing, and frankly a lie. Don’t take my word for it. Caitlin Jenner, the most famous trans woman in the world, has railed against it.

Speaking about trans woman swimmer Lia Thomas who beat rival biological females by 7 seconds, she said the following

“she grew up as a biological boy and I don't think it's fair that she's competing in women's sports. Her cardiovascular system is bigger, her heart is bigger, she's got longer arms and legs. Three years earlier, she was on the men's team ranked 462; now she's No. 1 in the same event for women? Obviously, it's not fair.'

The gender ideology extremists do not speak for all trans women. Here is Sophie XY on twitter, in a post shared by JK Rowling

“Trans people aren’t a monolith and plenty of us do not define our rights by forcing others to validate fiction like gender identity. My rights are not women’s rights. I do not want my rights to erode theirs”.

Women are no longer enjoying female only changing spaces and the safety and security that brings. They are longer guaranteed a female-only domestic abuse shelter or rape crisis centre. Even female only prisons aren’t female are a thing of the past. We now live in a world where this is a normal headline.

What the hell are we doing? I think sport is a test case for all of this madness.

Do you have any idea how much sacrifice young female athletes make to achieve their sporting dreams? How must it feel to be beaten by somebody who was born male.

Just think of the women beaten by male-born Lea Thomas went through to reach that podium. Years and years of early starts, up at six in the morning, to train before school.

Catching up on homework late at night after an evening session of lengths in the pool. The missed birthday parties and summer camps.

No time for a boyfriend, the cinema, other sport or hobbies.

Relentless drills in butterfly, front crawl and backstroke. Years of toil, hard work, blood, sweat and tears and the pungent aroma of swimming pool chlorine that no amount of Head and Shoulders will wash away.

This whole thing stinks.

The Labour MP Rosie Duffield, who has no problem identifying what a woman is and should be leader, has said she is considering her future in the Labour Party after "obsessive harassment" from current and former party members.

She couldn’t attend Labour party conference because she feared for her safety after death threats.

In my view, there is a gradual mission creep to erase women. It's being done in our institutions, who are trying to look liberal and caring.

It's being done in our schools and universities. In Scotland, where four year olds can choose their gender without parental permission, civil servants north of the border have been told to put their pronouns on emails, even though 60% of them don’t want to.

I’ve always respected and always will someone's rights to identify however they so wish.

They will have my wholehearted support and love.

Being trans is not a life choice, this is who you are.

But you cannot twist the basic realities of life and scientific fact, as the end goal of being accepted.

And it cannot be done at the expense of women, who are currently being tippexed out of existence.

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