Labour were the only credible alternative, but surely no one can be worse than the Tories, says Nana Akua

Labour were the only credible alternative, but surely no one can be worse than the Tories, says Nana Akua

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Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 06/07/2024

- 18:57

Updated: 06/07/2024

- 19:16

'They have all but scrapped Rwanda, that's has been the first thing'

Today we got the first major press conference from Sir Keir Starmer, who promised to be the Government for all, even if you didn't vote for him or it was your first time.

Let's hope it was just an oversight that they didn't do a question for GB News.

Now Keir Starmer is now first among equals and is picking his cabinet. Angela Rayner was the first to stroll into No10, retaining her position as Deputy Leader.

She also becomes Levelling Up Secretary. More like levelling down, she was previously pushing to end zero-hours contracts. Hope she has a rethink on that one.

Nana Akua

Nana Akua shares her thoughts on the new Labour government

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Rachel Reeves is the first female Chancellor. She played chess from an early age. Apparently, her father taught her the key moves. By the time she was in secondary school, she was a national champion.

Now, I used to play chess. It makes you very strategic.

Yvette Cooper becomes Home Secretary. She's married to Ed Balls, who can often be seen sitting smugly next to Susanna Reid. Both he and his wife Yvette are veterans of New Labour.

They have all but scrapped Rwanda, that has been the first thing.

David Lammy becomes Foreign Secretary. Clearly, a woman is foreign to him.

When asked if it is transphobic to say only women have a cervix, Lammy said: "I don't know if it's transphobic, but it's not accurate, Nick.

"I mean, obviously it's probably the case that only trans women don't have ovaries, but a cervix, I understand, is something that you can have following various procedures."

A cervix is the neck of a womb. So unless you've got a womb, you can't make a neck for it.

Others include Pat McFadden. He is one of the few members of the new cabinet who has experience serving in Government. None of the others have so far, they have been in the opposition for that long. Under Gordon Brown, Pat served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Cabinet Office and later as a minister in the Business Department.

Shabana Mahmood will be serving as Justice Secretary. She became the first female Muslim in the House of Commons when she was elected in 2010, but has clashed with Keir Starmer on Gaza.

Wes Streeting, who before politics openly tweeted about war policy, had that issue with Suzanne Hall where he made comments about white supremacists, presuming that we're the ones that are voting for her. But on the plus side, he's acknowledged that he was wrong on the trans debate and is looking to reform the NHS.

I sincerely hope he succeeds Bridget Phillipson, who once starred in the background for Byker Grove. She becomes the Education Secretary, although perhaps she could learn to answer a few questions on private schools.

And Ed Miliband became the Energy Secretary, which is fitting really, because he sort of reminds me of one of those creature comforts.

I'll be honest here, the Labour Party at this stage were the only credible alternative. Yes, a massive majority gives you total control. But as we saw with the Conservatives, they squandered theirs after the disaster of the Tories. Surely no one could be worse.

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