Glastonbury is an ultra-woke pilgrimage of drug-fuelled hypocrisy, says Mark Dolan

Glastonbury is an ultra-woke pilgrimage of drug-fuelled hypocrisy, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan gives his take on Glastonbury

Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 30/06/2024

- 13:18

Updated: 30/06/2024

- 13:19

A BBC neutrality row has broken out at Glastonbury

A BBC neutrality row has broken out at Glastonbury, where Countryfile and BBC Radio 4 presenter Anita Rani, enthusiastically agreed with a guest on stage, who ranted about and I quote a “s*** 14 years of Tory rule”, with the Conservatives having taken the heart out of the country, and squeezed it.

Now this doesn't strike me as crime of the century – many would agree - but it puts paid to any notion that the stars on the BBC, who are remunerated off the back of an obligatory tax, that old ladies face jail for not paying, is in any way politically neutral.

Meanwhile this supposedly kind and inclusive festival has seen the waving of Palestinian flags, which given the current war in Gaza, some consider to be offensive to Jews and offering support to terrorists.

Did they forget that the horrific attacks on October 7th, focused on a similar type of music festival top theirs, where hundreds of peace-loving revellers like them, were mown down in a hail of bullets.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan hits out at Glastonbury's 'ultra-woke' hypocrisy


The others – who were there to sing and dance and have a good time – were raped, stabbed, burned, strangled or taken as hostages. But yeah, Isreal bad. “From the river to the sea” man. Well it’s Glastonbury, so “from the river to the mud”.

And in extraordinary scenes last night, revellers celebrated illegal migrants in dinghies illegally breaking into the UK, which could be seen by some as a celebration of death, given the terrible drownings we’ve seen. As a band played, a packed crowd passed around a huge fake dinghy, with mocked up asylum seekers on board.

A bit ironic therefore that the festival that these misguided do-gooders are attending is itself protected by a 13 foot high 4 1/2 mile thick, reinforced metal fence, which is impregnable.

You can’t even dig a tunnel. Bad news for Hamas, who are probably headlining the Pyramid stage. This extraordinary construction is the kind of border wall that even Donald Trump would consider excessive.

For all of their support for law breakers in the Channel, not a single person is able to enter the Glastonbury Festival without the correct accreditation, without the organisers knowing exactly who is coming in, and that they have a right to be there. Imagine if the country was like that. We can but dream.

Glastonbury is an annual, ultra woke pilgrimage, in which the whole of North London descends on Somerset for five days of double vodkas and double standards. It’s held up as an example of a communal way of life and the rejection of capitalism and inequality.

GlastonburyMany viewers fumed over the BBC's coverage of the eventBBC

Except it is an oversubscribed commercial event, with big name corporate sponsors on board. The cost of a ticket to this experiment in communism is £355. Plus a £5 booking fee. Doesn’t sound very egalitarian to me.

The shows are fronted by millionaire headliners, who fly around the globe on a private jet and those considering buying a couple of pints at the beer tent and a vegan sausage roll may need to consider taking out a second mortgage to feed themselves at this anti-capitalist party.

I say mortgage, because the bulk of this crowd are crushingly middle class.

And in spite of the eco message underpinning the whole affair, every few years the organisers have to take a year off – a so-called fallow year - so that the depleted fields can begin to recover from five days of drunken wokery.

Glastonbury crowdsThe BBC airs coverage of the entire festivalBBC

The impact on this natural environment is nothing sort of devastating, with mountains of litter and thousands of plastic tents left behind by the socially conscious partygoers, who don't forget, have spent four days hoovering up more than just lukewarm Carlsberg lager.

It is a festival of drug use. The illegal narcotics these numpties shove up their nose, in their arm and up their backside, bankroll international drug cartels, feed crime, destroy communities and lead to devastated lives, oh and death. But these are the good people folks - do keep up.

Now full disclosure, I've performed at Glastonbury several times and I had a great time. The people involved in running it are a delight. It's a world famous event, a great British success story and long may it continue.

There is a lot of volunteering and good causes are supported. But please don't tell me this is a socialist utopia. The Glastonbury festival is more capitalist than a High Street bank, you pay an arm and a leg to get in and its borders are better protected than any nation. Glastonbury a festival of not just music, but of wild hypocrisy.

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