Females will look kindly on Boris Johnson in the next election when Keir Starmer has proved unable to define what a woman is, says Mark Dolan

Females will look kindly on Boris Johnson in the next election when Keir Starmer has proved unable to define what a woman is, says Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 10/04/2022

- 21:14

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:01

The Prime Minister to his eternal credit, has found a backbone by saying human biology trumps everything else.

The world appears to be coming to its senses.

This week, British cycling ruled out biological males who identify as females, from participating in cycling races.

The prime minister to his eternal credit, has found a backbone by saying human biology trumps everything else. And he said this week biological men should not be participating in female sport. Well done to Boris for standing up for biological realities. He's shown his balls and is no pussy.

The female public will look kindly on Boris Johnson, when it comes to the next election.

Particularly when his counterpart Keir Starmer, has proved unable to define what a woman is.

In the end, the truth, that there are just two biological sexes, will always get through, like water on cracked glass. I think the participation of Lea Thomas in a US swimming tournament was a turning point.

A biological male, still rocking a speedo-full of penis and testicles, thrashing female athletes in the pool, breaking records and towering over his female counterparts on the podium.

This is when a lot of people woke up to the madness that's going on; it's when this issue was no longer abstract and people could see the real world consequences of yielding to this madness, and hoping it will go away.

I'm super pro-trans and have many friends who have been on that important and joyous journey and you should identify as you wish, and be respected for that. But you cannot have biological men in rape crisis centres, in female changing rooms, in women's jails or in women's sports.

Going along with trans ideology, which challenges the idea that there are two biological sexes, has been the moment humanity jumped the shark. People stating scientific facts, like the world’s greatest author J. K. Rowlinghave been criticised for their views. This great writer has regularly been thrown the bus by an actress that she made a star and millionaire, the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson

If it wasn't for J. K. Rowling, the only lines Emma Watson would be delivering are: do you want fries with that? It's not a view, that there are just two biological sexes.

It’s not gender critical, it’s gender factual. It's an empirical reality, confirmed by the most cursory of glances at any Encyclopedia or a GCSE biology textbook. But we have allowed this bonkers fantasy that you can change your biological sex, to get out of hand. It has begun to severely impact womens’ rights, for which they have been fighting hard for centuries.

This concerted effort to erase women and female identity, is for me, just another example of men bullying women, all over again. It's misogyny in a dress, sexism in a bra and patriarchy, in heels. Tolerance, love and respect for peoples’ sexual orientation and how they identify must be 100%. I'm a libertarian. Anything goes for me.

I made a Channel 4 documentary about Dennis Avner, a man who believed he was a cat.

I say go for it. Knock yourself out. You are a cat, no problem. Scratch the carpet, purr, cough up balls. Each to their own. But pursuing your identity at the expense of others, is not an option.

Particularly when it's half the human race, i.e. women. What's the point in a teenage girl giving up free time in her youth, to train hard in any given sport, if she will ultimately have to face someone with more muscle mass, testosterone and a masculine physiology – in other words a man. The world’s most famous trans-woman, Caitlyn Jenner

A hero of mine, has been on record herself, saying males competing in female sport is deeply unfair.

How right she is. Born with a schlong, makes this wrong. If you want a real world example of how bonkers things have got. The mail on Sunday newspaper today report that women can be strip-searched by trans-officers who were born male. Any refusal for this to happen, could be recorded as a non-hate crime incident. Welcome to hell. Do you see the problem now?

Someone born Barry, Steve or Andy, frisking a female suspect. You’re going down. My mother doesn't get angry very often – she is a picture of equanimity and calm – but just recently, even she got angry when she heard about women having their basic identity denied.

Having resided in her for nine months myself, in the early 70s, autumn and winter 73, coming out in March 74, I speak from personal experience that there is a difference between men and women. An experience shared by all of us.

You can try to make me pregnant, sure. It could be fun. But I wouldn't hold out any hope, that we will be making a baby, any time soon. None of this is opinion. It's science, it's a fact. And by subscribing to this fiction, we risk permanently living, in a post-truth era.

Standing up to trans extremism, is a test case for reality. Trans-ideology is creeping into our great institutions, and it's everywhere in the media. And it cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

The only thing we can fall back on is the truth. The truth is a light, that will penetrate the darkest and longest tunnel. Don't take my word for it. Here is one of the greatest experts on human reproduction in the world. Professor Lord Robert Winston, speaking on the BBC’s Question Time.

Reality, truth, the facts. They have always been threatened and attacked by dogma, and religious and political ideology. However, reality, truth and the facts always win. But not without a fight. So to all of the women watching this show, I fight with you, I stand with you and I've got your back.

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