Ex-US Attorney General highlights ‘troubling far-left trend’ after Trump ban: ‘Being systemically disenfranchised!’

Ex-US Attorney General highlights ‘troubling far-left trend’ after Trump ban: ‘Being systemically disenfranchised!’

A 'troubling trend' has been highlighted

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 30/12/2023

- 09:08

Trump's campaign team have lodged an appeal

The far-left are “systematically disenfranchising” the USA, a former US Attorney has claimed after Donald Trump was struck off the ballot in Colorado.

Citing insurrection, judges in the Colorado Supreme Court voted to remove the former US President from the Republican primary ballot, meaning voters in the state will be unable to back him as the party’s presidential candidate.

Trump’s campaign team have lodged an appeal, but it has not stopped Mark Brnovich from suggesting the left are attempting to undermine the political process in America.

He told GB News it is becoming a “troubling trend”, and called on Trump’s critics to make their feelings known at the ballot box rather than the courts.

Mark Brnovich

Mark Brnovich says the left are systematically disenfranchising America


“If people don’t like Donald Trump, and I know people don’t, then you go to the ballot box”, he said to Nigel Farage.

“You make your argument on TV. This is called a democracy, right?


“Well this is an outright denial of democracy. You’re fundamentally disenfranchising. The left is always talking about what we want people to engage in, the political process.

“We want to make sure people can vote, and what they’re essentially doing is denying the candidate choice for half the country.”

Trump is favourite to become the Republican choice of candidate in November’s election, where he is expected to face Democratic President Joe Biden.

The justices concluded: "A majority of the court holds that Trump is disqualified from holding the office of president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.”

Mark Brnovich spoke to Nigel Farage

Mark Brnovich spoke to Nigel Farage about a 'troubling trend'


The ruling only applies to Colorado, meaning should it be upheld, Trump will still be able to run in other Republican primaries.

Speaking to Brnovich, Farage compared the events to that of the lead up to the American Civil War over 100 years ago.

“Abraham Lincoln was barred from standing in 10 of the southern states, so this has happened before”, he said.

Brnovich said it is the latest in a line of “troubling” developments representing a far-left “undermining” of the system.

“It’s a serious, serious precedent”, he said.

“You have multiple criminal cases going on in both federal and state court and now you have all these legal challenges going on.

“They’re trying to create a situation within the Trump campaign where he is constantly at war, battling and it’s like whack-a-mole.”

Trump’s lawyers had argued that he did not bear responsibility for the riot and he should therefore not be disqualified.

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