US and UK should team up to stop China DESTROYING our car industry  - 'Let's band together!'

US and UK should team up to stop China DESTROYING our car industry  - 'Let's band together!'

Ethan Bearman said the West needs to 'wake up' to the threat posed by China flooding our markets

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 25/02/2024

- 10:15

Updated: 25/02/2024

- 10:41

Chinese electric car companies will 'decimate' UK, US and EU firms without intervention, expert warns

A green energy expert has warned that The West needs to "wake up" to the threat of China dumping cheap electric vehicles into our markets and destroying jobs.

It comes as US President Joe Biden is under pressure to water down his EV (Electric Vehicle) with a coalition of more than 130 Republican lawmakers penning a desperate letter to the White House.

Biden has boasted that by 2032 more than two-thirds of new cars and light trucks sold in the US will be electric. But there are fears the market will simply be flooded with cheap imports, destroying manufacturing jobs.

Speaking to GBN America Ethan Bearman said: "The UK, the EU and the United States need to get their act together.

Patrick Christys, Ethan Bearman

The Green energy expert warn that Europe, The UK and the US "need to get their act together"

GB News

"The Chinese are subsidizing. The Chinese are ready to flood the global EV marketplace, and they're ready to dominate and destroy our entrenched automotive industries like they've done with others.

"And so we need to band together and whatever the trade trade deals and trade alliances need to look like, we need to focus on protecting our industries against the Chinese undercutting and dumping in our markets.

GB Host Patrick Christys said: "That would be a really smart way of going about it, using our natural allies to pull together to make sure that we don't resist a common enemy, as it were, but certainly a common enemy when it comes to the market forces at least.


Biden has pushed a heavy green drive


"But this growth of electric vehicles has heightened concerns about China's current dominance. When it comes to the actual resources behind a lot of this stuff, the lithium batteries being a key element of this.

"I mean, as part of the Inflation reduction Act, the US government is spending money providing tax credits to companies that are attempting to build up a domestic supply chain.

"Though how concerned should we be if China's grasp on the resources behind this?"

Patrick Christys, Ethan Bearman

Bearman spoke to Patrick Christys on GBN America

GBN America

Bearman explained: "The good news is in the United States now we have multiple discoveries of massive deposits of both things like lithium and other rare earth minerals.

"I think China's dominance and control of these materials is going to be ending soon.

"And the United States, South America and other you know, more reasonable market partners will lead in this area very soon.

He added: "Our battery technology as it's developing is reducing the reliance on these minerals that are sourced mostly or or refined mostly in China. So we're making really good progress in headway.

"That doesn't mean for the next three to five years it's going to be problematic. But I think after five years we're going to be in a good place."


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