'Lunacy' Denver radio host outlines crazy battle between US homeless and illegal migrants for hotel housing

'Lunacy' Denver radio host outlines crazy battle between US homeless and illegal migrants for hotel housing

Jimmy Sengenberger hits out at Denver migrant 'lunacy'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 09/12/2023

- 18:30

The country is dealing with a significant migrant crisis

A Denver-based reporter has blasted the “lunacy” of homeless people in America competing with illegal migrants for hotel housing.

It comes as the country deals with a significant migrant crisis, with a mass influx putting significant strain on infrastructure.

According to Jimmy Sengenberger, the issue has been felt greatly when it comes to housing, with homeless people in America being shunted to make way for incoming migrants.

“One of the big problems is a political matter”, he said.

Jimmy Sengenberger and migrants in Denver

Jimmy Sengenberger has blasted migrant 'lunacy' in Denver


“We have a massive crisis of homelessness in Denver. There have been a lot of hotels set aside with the intention of providing homes for the homeless.

“The approach of providing housing for homeless people is running up against housing for migrants.


Mayors in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and New York say they need $5 billion of federal support to help cope with an influx of people arriving David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

“I’ll give you one quick example and this is a show of lunacy that is happening here in Denver.

“You have the mayor of Denver saying, ‘OK, I've got this facility that's currently housing these illegal immigrants and I want to turn this hotel into a place for homeless people to be housed’.

“He can achieve this thousand homeless person goal. But what that means is he's got to kick out the migrant.

“Then in neighbouring city of Aurora, the third largest city in Colorado, bordering Denver, there's a hotel that's been housing homeless people.

“He said, we're moving illegal immigrants to this hotel, kicking out the homeless people from there so that he can house the migrants in this neighbouring city

without agreement with the City Council in Aurora.

“It is just mind boggling.”

Sengenberger reports from Denver, which has been allocated as a ‘sanctuary’ for migrants.

He told GB News about “busloads” of migrants arriving as the city struggles to contend with such large quantities of people.

Denver is estimated to have received more than 30,000 immigrants in one year in what a city spokesman has dubbed an “emergency”.

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