Tory MP David Davis warns Boris Johnson Northern voters 'see through bull****' over cost of living crisis

Tory MP David Davis warns Boris Johnson Northern voters 'see through bull****' over cost of living crisis
David Davis see through bull
Samantha Haynes

By Samantha Haynes

Published: 26/01/2022

- 15:04

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:34

The former Cabinet Minister spoke to GB News about the potential danger facing the Conservative party as inflation has jumped to a 30 year high and the cost of living rises.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with GB News’ Liam Halligan, David Davis discussed his advice for the Conservative party with regards to their 'levelling up' scheme and voters in the North of England.

Liam Halligan asked David Davis how much danger the Conservative party is in if increases in the cost of living go forwards.

Liam Halligan asked: "To what extent could your party lose touch, not just with your traditional voters, but those Red Wall voters who drove your majority in 2019?"

David Davis expressed his concerns for his party: "Completely! You're talking about losing 48 seats that count as Red Wall."

"The nightmare is that we wouldn't lose to Labour. We would lose to a coalition of Labour and SNP"

"The UK's at risk so it's really serious"

Speaking about the leader of the Opposition, David Davis MP said "Keir Starmer may not be very great in the dispatch box but he's not a threat".

"A retired ex-tory minister told me if he woke up and Keir Starmer was Prime Minister than he wouldn't break a sweat. Now, that's very worrying."

David Davis told Liam Halligan his advice as the cost of living is set to rise: "I would say to our own side: Don't underestimate or patronise the Northern voter. When I was knocking on those doors to welders, bricklayers and lorry drivers, they may not have two degrees but they're just as smart as you or me".

"They, forgive my language, can see through bull**** just as well as i can."

He laid out his goals for the party for establishing and keeping voters in the North of England: "We've got to treat them like conventional Tories. They want low taxes and decent services. When we are talking about levelling-up let's use a bit of economic sense while we're at it. I mean the North of England has been under-invested for a long, long time.

"The treasury rules basically worked against it. There are lots of opportunities to do things like un-bottleneck railway lines improve this that and the other in terms of the infrastructure and they get fast economic returns and we can do that."

"We've got to use our heads and we've got to use our imagination to make sure we deliver what we lead them to think we're going to deliver - levelling up but also sensible low tax conservatism which they then will support."

"Bear in mind before the 1930s, the tory party grew off the back of working class."

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