The SNP branded 'the modern elites' after cringeworthy campaign advert

The SNP branded 'the modern elites' after cringeworthy campaign advert
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GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 05/04/2022

- 22:06

The latest SNP campaign advert “looks like something from Monty Python," Graham Simpson Scottish Conservative says

The Scottish National Party have been branded as “modern elites” following the release of their campaign video that suggests the Tories cannot be trusted.

In the advert, a grandma can be seen trying to throw a Tory candidate across a field.

It details the government's recent record of "cover-ups and incompetence" and shows the scale of public money "wasted".

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Graham Simpson Scottish Conservative said: “It is an utterly ridiculous advert, it was meant to be for the local council elections, but it mentioned nothing the SNP want to do."

Austin Sheridan, Stuart Waiton and Graham Simpson
Austin Sheridan, Stuart Waiton and Graham Simpson
GB News

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon leaving after a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of the Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey in London. Picture date: Tuesday March 29, 2022.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon
Kirsty O'Connor

Mr Simpson added that it “looked like something from Monty Python” and was “insulting to conservatives and insulting to grannys”.

Panel Guest Dr Stuart Waiton also weighed in saying the advert was “almost anti-politics”.

He continued: “Rather than discussing what the SNP has done over the last five years, they’ve done a cheap, it's about anti-politics and greed.

He continued: “What’s fascinating is if the Tories represent the older establishment, then the SNP represent the modern elites, and in that respect, they’re incredibly elitist.

Former SNP Councillor Austin Sheridan defended the campaign saying: "The behaviour of Conservatives over the past couple of years has been deplorable and we make no apologies for pointing that out...they have taken the public for fools."

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