'That was the day that I wished to not live' - Afghan interpreter stuck in Kabul speaks to GB News

'That was the day that I wished to not live' - Afghan interpreter stuck in Kabul speaks to GB News
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Josh Kaplan

By Josh Kaplan

Published: 31/08/2021

- 06:12

Updated: 31/08/2021

- 07:00

The crisis in Afghanistan is a story of full circles

The crisis in Afghanistan is a story of full circles.

It was a terror attack that started the whole US-lead campaign in Afghanistan and it’s a terror attack that will end it. Except that, now, we are far from the end.

It’s likely that the US will have to go back into Afghanistan in some capacity in order to deal with the IS affiliate group ISIS-K, which wants to tear down everything the West holds dear.

The question now is how the US will be involved in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops, to combat this terror threat. Will Biden approach the terror threat from afar using drones, to save face and to go some way to avenging the deaths of the 13 US military personnel killed? Will troops end up back in this troubled country, in this twisted story of circles? We shall find out.

Among this political spectacle is human tragedy. I have never l, until now, been brought to tears in an interview.

Listening to a man tell me that he would rather have died in a sewage canal than live trying to flee his country was heartbreaking.

You have to be objective as a journalist, separate your emotions and find the facts, or so we are taught. This is right, but we are also listeners and story tellers and never more so than now we must listen.

This is the story of an Afghan interpreter who is trapped in Kabul. I can’t identify him for source protection, but let’s call him A.

He witnessed the twin suicide terror attacks, and had he not moved away from the airport gate 5 minutes before hand, he would have been killed too.

Just another number, added to the tally of death.

He is currently living in an undisclosed location in a shelter in a strangers’ garden with his wife, but he is not allowed inside in case it attracts the Taliban.

After he fled his home for fear of punishment for working for the British, his family also fled. Except that when his father came back to the house, to collect some clothes for his sister, they beat him brutally breaking his leg in two places to get information on his sons’ whereabouts.

He refused and they left him on the street to die.

A travelled to Kabul airport after receiving instruction he would be eligible to leave on a flight to the Uk. There, he and his wife spent four hot, dusty, desperate nights hoping to get out.

In that time, they were beaten brutally by the Taliban.

He lost his wife during a moment of chaos in the run up to the terror attack.

Here, he told me he wanted death.

Then he witnessed something no one should ever have to see.

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