Retail brand sparks fury with woke ‘tuck-friendly’ childrenswear - ‘They need psychological help!’

Retail brand sparks fury with woke ‘tuck-friendly’ childrenswear - ‘They need psychological help!’

Target have introduced 'tuck-friendly' clothing

GB News
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 23/05/2023

- 18:41

Updated: 23/05/2023

- 19:02

New clothing allows the user to 'hide' male genitalia

American retail corporation Target have been slammed over their decision to introduce “tuck-friendly” clothes.

Women’s style swimsuits have been introduced with a “construction” that helps to hide male genitalia.

Comedian Chrissie Mayr drew attention to the clothing, specifically to a tag indicating its “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage”.

Speaking on GB News, social commentator Tonia Buxton said parents who are buying the clothing for their children need “psychological help”.

Childrenswear in Targer

The clothing boasts 'tuck-friendly construction'

Twitter / @ChrissyMayr

She told Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce: “July 1st is Gay Pride in the UK, I will be in Soho with all of my gay friends having a great time.

“This is what really upsets me, everything has been hijacked. Being gay is very different to trying to get your child to be transgender.

“They’re smudging it together to try and get away with it, but they must not get away with it.

“This is messing with children’s minds, and I actually think that the parents who will be dressing their children and toddlers with this need psychological help.”

Tonia Buxton

Tonia Buxton has expressed concern over the new items

GB News

Target has celebrated June Pride Month with displays using rainbow and LGBTQ+ messaging for years but have sparked outraged with the addition of swimsuits that assist with “tucking” male genitalia away.

The products can be found in a special pride section in stores, and are labelled as “thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions”.

Buxton said she is concerned that there appears to be an audience for the products.

She told GB News: “It concerns me so much, about the people parenting these children.

“It’s go woke go broke in many ways, do they do it for headlines? This is why it is really worrying.”

Bud Light recently sparked controversy for marketing with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

The influencer posted a video on her Instagram account to promote a Bud Light contest, a move which saw the company’s sales slump.

Mulvaney has been documenting her transition online, gaining huge popularity on TikTok, accruing 10.8 million followers.

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