Nigel Farage fears 'we’re going back to pre-Brexit politics' as Tory leadership race intensifies

Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 19/07/2022

- 20:09

Updated: 19/07/2022

- 22:57

Nigel's comments come after Kemi Badenoch dropped out of the running following a vote earlier today

Nigel Farage fears “we’re going back to pre-Brexit politics” as the Conservative Party leadership is whittled down to the final three candidates.

MPs voted from 2pm today in the fourth round of voting, as the race to find Boris Johnson's successor nears its final stage.

Following the vote, Kemi Badenoch has dropped out of the running, leaving Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss and Penny Mordaunt as the final three names in the hat.

And following the results, Nigel believes that “the last insurgent in this race has gone”.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
GB News

Speaking on GB News’ Farage, Nigel said: “Today saw Kemi Badenoch knocked out of the contest, I think that was pretty accurately predicted on this programme last night.

“But with her departure, the last insurgent in this race has gone. The last person with any fresh ideas.

“The last candidate who sort in some way to be a reformer, she’s gone.

“Now it’s the choice of Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.

“And while there are differences between the three of them, not one of them is actually a reformer.

Kemi Badenoch has dropped out of the Tory leadership race
Kemi Badenoch has dropped out of the Tory leadership race
Victoria Jones

“It seems to me that Liz Truss will make the last two and barring any disasters in the next six weeks, Liz Truss will be our next Prime Minister.

“You know I can completely forgive her for being a Liberal Democrat when she was young, for wanting get rid of the Queen I can forgive all of that because when you get older our views adapt and they change.

“But she did vote Remain, we’re told it’s okay, she now accepts Brexit and wants to make a success of it.

“Haven’t we heard that before? Didn’t we hear that about Theresa May back in 2016 and look at how that turned out?”

He continued: “Now we’ve got three establishment candidates and it feels to me like we’re going back to pre-Brexit politics.

“What upsets me is that Brexit wasn’t just about leaving the EU, it was a hope for a new kind of politics and it just isn’t happening.”

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