Neighbour gets revenge on driver who kept parking on his property

Neighbour gets revenge on driver who kept parking on his property

The neighbour took swift action to get revenge on the driver

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 20/04/2024

- 11:19

The neighbour's initial message was completely ignored by the driver

A neighbour left infuriated by a tenant from another home parking on their property took swift action to get revenge.

A row broke out between two homeowners after one of them told their tenant that they could park on a bit of land owned by another house on the road.

The property owner was left raging after he asked for the driver to stop parking on his land but was ignored.

After finding a way to get revenge and put an end to the saga once and for all, he took to the social media site Reddit to share what had happened.

Person driving car

The driver kept parking on the land despite being asked not to


"On my street, we all have driveways for two cars and NO on-street parking," the homeowner wrote.

"For some reason there was an error on my house deeds and I actually own some land big enough for a car to park in across the street just off the road.

"I literally never use it, but sometimes if more than two cars turn up to my house at any one time, which hardly ever happens, I tell one of them to park on my land across the street.

"Well, my neighbour has just taken in a tenant and he slipped a note through my door to say his tenant needed a place to park because he and his girlfriend were parking on his driveway.

"His note said he told his tenant to park on my land across the street, and he left his number so if it was ever in the way so I could call him to move it."

Left infuriated by the note, the homeowner told his neighbour that the tenant was allowed to park there but only on odd occasions.

Despite letting his feelings be known, the tenant parked their car on the spot every day.

"I bought a no parking sign and safety bollards and tape and taped off my land across the street so no one could park there," he explained.

"Am I the a**hole? It was causing me no problems whatsoever him parking there, but it was my property that he just claimed as his.

"So, I was p***ed and now my land is just empty every day while he and his girlfriend and his tenant struggle to park every day."

The homeowner received support from commenters on the site who were all in agreement that it was wrong for the space to have been used without his permission.

"He didn't ask he told you what he did. It isn't hard to ask for someone's permission for something," said one person.

Another added: "It was incredibly presumptuous of him to offer up your property.
"Perhaps if you don't really need the space you can rent it out to them (but I’d strongly advise a month-to-month lease)."

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