Famous chocolate strawberries banned from Borough market as 'they don't count as fruit'

Strawberries/Borough market

The chocolate strawberries took TikTok by storm

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 14/09/2023

- 22:49

The popular London market said the sweet treat doesn't count as 'fruit, veg or related produce'

Popular chocolate covered strawberries, which went viral on TikTok, have been banned from Borough market as “they don’t count as fruit”.

The stall that sells the sweet treat, called Turnips, has become a tourist attraction for hungry food-goers from all over the world.

It has built a huge online following after its videos showcasing its popular chocolate-covered strawberries went viral online.

However, the food vendor has said that it will have to stop selling the sweet treat, after Borough Market deemed them neither “fruit, veg or related produce”.

Borough market

The stall attracts customers from thousands of miles away


In a video shared on TikTok, a Turnips employee said: “If you’re outraged that we’re closed today and that you can’t get your beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries, make a complaint to the Borough Market administration.

He added: “They’re claiming that our strawberries do not count as fruit, veg and related produce, and on that basis we’re having to close the front of our shop.

“We are allowed to trade fruit, veg and related produce out of anywhere in our shop, but they’ve shut down the whole front of our operation and not let us trade today, on the basis that our chocolate-covered strawberries do not count as fruit, veg and related produce, so if you find that outrageous make a complaint, call in and let them know.”

The stall has become beloved by locals and tourists alike.

A pot of the popular strawberries costs £7.50.

One woman embarked on a 9,000 mile trip from Australia to try the viral sensation for herself.

She said: “They aren’t as cheap as you would buy from the supermarket. But it’s the experience isn’t it. You will not be disappointed.”

Fond customers took to social media to express their outrage.

One person wrote: “I am coming all the way from America and was so excited to try this.”

Chocolate covered strawberries

A pot of the strawberries costs £7.50 (stock image)


Negative public sentiment towards the ban appeared to have an impact, as just five days later, the prohibition was overturned.

The same Turnips staff member who told irritated customers to make a complaint to Borough Market, announced the news on TikTok.

He said: “We're back in business, we won! We're back in business guys due to popular demand, our chocolate-covered strawberries are open again.

“They were disputing our rights to sell our chocolate-covered strawberries but we won, we freed the strawberry.”

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