Israeli brothers detained at Manchester Airport claim they 'don’t feel safe in UK' as they 'demand apology' from border staff

Israeli brothers detained at Manchester Airport claim they 'don’t feel safe in UK' as they 'demand apology' from border staff

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/03/2024

- 22:22

The Home Office have said they are investigating the incident following the brothers' claims

Two Jewish Israeli men who were subject to "aggressive questioning" at Manchester Airport have revealed they "do not feel safe in the UK", as they exclusively shared their experience with GB News.

Speaking to host Patrick Christys, brothers Neria and Daniel Sharabi described the "antisemitic" discrimination they faced after arriving in the UK from Israel.

The brothers are survivors of Hamas' horrific terrorist attack, which took place on October 7, and had come to the UK to share their experiences and raise awareness for charity.

They both suffer from PTSD and were left severely shaken by their ordeal at our border. In a tell-all interview with GB News, the Sharabi brothers said they "don't feel safe" to walk around the UK anymore.

Manchester Airport and Sharabi brothers

The Sharabi brothers said they were subjected to 'antisemitism' by border staff at Manchester Airport

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The brothers said that what happened to them at Manchester Airport "shouldn't happen to anyone", no matter if you're "Jewish, Christian or Muslim".

Recalling what happened after they arrived, one brother said the border staff had "begun an interrogation" and "ordered them to sit at the side" whilst their papers were checked.

The Sharabi brothers told GB News: "When we asked what we were doing wrong, they said we want to make sure that you're not going to do what you're doing in Gaza, here.

"It's something that brings up everything from October 7th. We come to share our story, and then you're faced with antisemitism."

Patrick asked the brothers how they now feel about the UK as a whole, and how they feel about being in the UK following their arrival.

One brother said: "My feeling was that I'm not safe. And the minute that he said it, I realised that this is pure antisemitism.

"And if I'm going to say another word, maybe I'm going to be arrested. And I feel afraid. I get everything back from October 7. I decided to just shut my mouth and say okay."

The brothers also told GB News that as a result of the incident, they "did not leave their hotel for two days", apart from attending the charity event that they were invited to speak at.

James Cleverly

Home Secretary James Cleverly has said the Home Office is 'investigating' the claims


They continued: "I don't feel safe to walk around here, because this was from an officer. And if someone in their official job can treat me like this, I don't feel safe in this country.

"I'm not going to send my friend here to share their story, because maybe they're going to get the same treatment. You're not supposed to feel like you are a terrorist without any reason. I know that at least for the couple of next years, I'm not going to go back to to England. I don't want to be here anymore."

The brothers also called for an apology from the border patrol at Manchester Airport, stating they would "only return to the UK if they were apologised to".

A Home Office spokesperson said: "We are aware of the complaint made against Border Force staff at Manchester Airport and are investigating these claims.

"While the facts and circumstances are being established, it must be reiterated that we do not tolerate antisemitism, in any forms, anywhere."

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