Huw Edwards receives outpour of support after police determine 'no information to indicate a criminal offence'

Huw Edwards

Edwards has received an influx of support after officers found that 'no offence has been committed'

Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 12/07/2023

- 18:39

Updated: 13/07/2023

- 10:25

Sources have confirmed that Huw Edwards has not resigned from the BBC

The Met Police has announced it is taking "no further action" over claims BBC presenter Huw Edwards paid a teenager £35,000 for sexually explicit pictures.

Edwards has received an influx of support after officers found that "no offence has been committed".

Former Conservative MP, Harvey Proctor - who was wrongly accused of allegations of historical child sexual abuse - spoke out on Twitter calling for commentators to reflect on their "appalling misjudgement".

He wrote: "The Metropolitan Police have concluded that no criminality took place in the case of Huw Edwards. It is horrifying that, without any evidence, commentators were calling for Mr Edwards to be named, particularly under Parliamentary Privilege.

"I hope they take time to reflect on this appalling misjudgement. My thoughts are with Huw Edwards, his family & friends. I implore everyone to respect their privacy."

Detectives from the Met's Specialist Crime Command say they came to their decision after speaking to a number of parties including the BBC and the alleged complainant and the alleged complainant’s family.

It added: "Should evidence of criminality or safeguarding issues be identified at any point we would expect matters to be referred to the relevant police force."

Former BBC correspondent, Jon Sopel - who previously disapproved with growing pressure to name the presenter - said: "This is an awful and shocking episode, where there was no criminality, but perhaps a complicated private life.

"That doesn’t feel very private now. I hope that will give some cause to reflect. They really need to. I wish ⁦@thehuwedwards ⁩well."

Vicky Flind, the wife of news reader Edwards, named him as the BBC presenter facing allegations in a statement issued on his behalf.

The news comes as the BBC also reported the presenter was facing "yet more allegations of inappropriate behaviour" towards his colleagues at the corporation.

GB News breakfast presenter, Isabel Webster shared her thoughts on Twitter as she urged people to "choose compassion over righteous indignation".

She wrote: "Courageous and dignified from Vicky Flind. The Met Police have found no evidence of criminality.

"Huw Edwards is one of the finest broadcasters in this country and like all public figures is entitled to a private life. Let’s choose compassion over righteous indignation."

In Flind's statement, she said her husband, Edwards was “suffering from serious mental health issues” and is now “receiving in-patient hospital care where he will stay for the foreseeable future” as she asked for privacy for her family.

BBC presenter John Simpson said: "I feel so sorry for everyone involved in this: for the Edwards family, for the complainants, and for Huw himself.

"No criminal offences were committed, so it’s a purely personal tragedy for everyone involved. Let’s hope the press leave them all alone now."

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