Pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day ‘should be stopped’ says former head of Royal protection

Pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day ‘should be stopped’ says former head of Royal protection
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Published: 07/11/2023

- 09:15

A pro-Palestine march planned for London on Armistice Day should be stopped, according to the former head of Royal protection.

Former police commander Dai Davies told GB News: “Anybody saying anything in support of Hamas, as far as I'm concerned, they are a criminal organisation in the same way as ISIS. Who would support ISIS? They behave in exactly the same way.

“It beggars belief there are so many in this country who support Hamas. I can understand the concerns over the thousands who have died on both sides, that's awful.

“But with great respect to those who support the issue of Palestine, you're also, if you do this kind of demonstration, arguably supporting Hamas as well. So, no, it should be stopped.”

Speaking to Martin Daubney, he continued: “Well, I don't agree with the fact that it is too big to stop. But I would say capture the ground early and ensure geographically that you put your resources where they're needed.

“And also give directions to the more responsible, those organising these marches, to actually direct them as to where they can go and where they can peacefully [demonstrate]. Hyde Park would be a good place, but I would protect those key areas by getting my officers there early.”

He added: “I was in public order for most of my service, capture the ground early, deploy your resources, and ensure you have sufficient support to put in snatch squads to take out those who are advocating the violence of Hamas.

“I understand the right of people to protest. That's okay, but there's a time and a place…”

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