GB News readers can now get free money tips and latest finance news sent directly to inbox – how to sign up

GB News readers can now get free money tips and latest finance news sent directly to inbox – how to sign up

GB News' Liam Halligan epxlains what Bank of England Base Rate decision means

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 14/12/2023

- 15:40

Updated: 14/12/2023

- 16:13

Newsletter subscribers will be able to access the latest must-reads from the GB News money team directly from their inbox

GB News readers can now sign up to get the latest finance headlines and money tips sent directly to their email inbox.

The GB News money team will send subscribers a free weekly newsletter each Tuesday, which includes a bespoke selection of the biggest finance stories of the week.

In our GB News Money newsletter, subscribers will also get access to exclusive analysis and opinion.

Our team is here to share the latest money news and explain how it will affect you and your finances.

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GB News Money has launched a newsletter which subscribers can get for free


We also keep an eye on the top deals and savings rates, as well as bringing you a wealth of reactions from financial commentators.

To subscribe to the GB News Money newsletter, simply enter your email address in our "sign up for free alerts" box.

After signing up, you won’t see the box in this story anymore.

If you have already signed up, welcome, and thank you for your support!

We want to hear from all of our GB News Money readers, so if you have a financial question which you’d like one of the financial experts we work with to answer, get in touch.

Alternatively, if you have a money story you’d like our team to investigate, please drop us a line.

You can contact our money team by emailing

A GB News reader who was set to rely on just his state pension recently got in touch about tracing lost pension pots.

Person looks happy at phone

GB News' Money readers can sign up to get the newsletter sent directly to their email inbox


Tim, 65, whose name has been changed, explained he had worked for several companies over the year, and was sure he had some retirement savings.

However, he had “no idea” how to claim any of the pension pots he may have acquired.

Thankfully, two pension experts were more than happy to point Tim towards some tools which could help him trace lost pension savings.

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