Volvo to only sell electric cars and SUVs in the UK after ditching classic estate models

A Volvo XC40 charging

Volvo will only sell SUVs and electric cars in the UK going forward

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 03/08/2023

- 13:42

Updated: 04/08/2023

- 09:51

Volvo has announced it will only be selling SUVs in the UK to prioritise development of electric cars.

The global Swedish brand said it would be ditching existing estate and saloon cars from its range in the UK, insisting only for larger SUVs.

Volvo have already removed its V60 and S60 models from its website, alongside the larger V90, which sells for around £63,000.

Since the beginning of the year, Volvo has slowly slashed its line-up of vehicles, removing the off-road-focused V60 and V90 Cross Country models.

Announcing the decision to cut saloons and estates, the Swedish manufacturer said it would be shifting to new platforms and technologies.

A Volvo V90

The Volvo V90 has been removed from the website


A statement read: “We will naturally need to evolve and consolidate our line-up as we prioritise fully electric cars and make this technological transition.

“As a result, we have removed further models from the UK line-up. These include the S60, V60 and V90.”

It clarified that overall demand for its range of vehicles continued to increase, especially with its XC40 and larger family vehicle XC90.

There is also “strong” interest in its forthcoming fully electric models including the £33,000 small EX30 SUV and the larger seven-seater EX90.

The statement continued, saying: “Meanwhile, appetite for our saloon and estate models has fallen to very low levels in the UK, which has led to our decision to remove these models from sale in the UK.”

The vehicles which have been removed from listings are still available and can be purchased pre-configured from stock still remaining.

James May, host of The Grand Tour, commented on the decision from Volvo, joking that this was the second time the Swedish car brand had ruined his life.

The former Top Gear host claimed that he wanted an “agreeable Volvo saloon” for when he retires.

Volvo's official Twitter account replied to the car enthusiast clarifying that it would still be making saloon and estate cars, but would not be selling them in the UK because of the popularity of SUVs.

Saloon and estate cars manufactured by Volvo will still be available in the UK in very limited numbers, with the brand saying it would just be for police forces and other emergency services.

James May ended his Twitter thread, saying: “They are only spoiling everything for British people. Foreigners can still buy proper Volvos, and should.”

Used car marketplaces still have thousands of second-hand Volvos available for purchase, with many potentially going back to a saloon or estate for nostalgia.


A Volvo EX90

The Volvo EX90 has attracted "strong" interest


So far this year, a total of 28,902 Volvo cars have been sold, based on year-to-date data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

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