Women over 50 must 'stop' wearing trouser style that is 'tricky' to pull off - choose 'way more flattering' option instead

Women over 50 must 'stop' wearing trouser style that is 'tricky' to pull off - choose 'way more flattering' option instead

Deirdre Nicholas tells people to stop wearing skinny jeans

YouTube / 50 and Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre
Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 10/03/2024

- 10:00

Ladies in this age group might want to swap their low-rise trousers and skirts for mid or high-rise

One woman's dream outfit is another woman's nightmare, and personal style varies from individual to individual.

So when it comes to cultivating a wardrobe, the main thing is that you choose items that make you feel attractive and confident.

However, according to one style influencer, age must be factored in somewhat - and consequently, low-rise items may not make the cut for everyone.

Deirdre from 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre told ladies over a certain age that there are some items they should ditch in 2024 if they want to look "stylish".

The fashion influencer suggested that women over 50 need to "stop wearing low-rise anything". She told YouTube: "The high-rise is on the rise this year, thankfully."

Deirdre from 50 and Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre

Women over 50 have been advised to 'stop' wearing a style of jeans

YouTube / 50 and Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre / GETTY IMAGES

While low-rise may be trendy, it may not be the best style for women over 50, according to the fashionista.

Deirdre claimed that only a very specific body type can pull off low-rise bottoms. She said: "Low-rise jeans and trousers are pretty tricky for anyone to wear. You need to be skeleton thin with incredibly long legs, because the lower the rise, the shorter it makes the legs look."

High-rise trousers, on the other hand, create the illusion of longer legs and have the added benefit of nipping in the waist.

She explained that high-rise or even mid-rise styles are "way more flattering" than their low-rise counterparts.

High-rise clothing can distract from the tummy area (should you wish to) and have a slimming effect. Deirdre also provided some other tips for women who want to look slimmer in their clothes.

She offered some "no-diet-necessary and no-exercise-necessary solutions". The fashionista clarified: "Now I'm definitely not saying that diet and exercise are bad of course - they are wonderful for health - but this is about providing solutions that you can do right now to reduce the look of your waist before you start all the dieting and all the exercise or anything else you like to do."

One of the expert's tips was to "avoid volume" around the waist area - gathered fabrics are a "no-go".

As well as getting rid of low-rise clothing items, Deirdre advised women over 50 to rethink their skinny jeans - unless they are going for a particular look.

She said: "I think with this shape of jeans, you either love it or you hate it. Now I do think they have a place under long boots, almost worn in a leggings sort of way.

"But other than that there's no doubt that skinny jeans do tend to look dated."


Woman wearing low-rise jeans

The expert suggested that low-rise jeans are unforgiving and only flatter a very specific body type


The style influencer suggested that skinny jeans are not as trendy as they once were, and what's more, they aren't very flattering.

Indeed, skinny jeans "fit every centimetre of the skin" and "tend to emphasise even the smallest figure flaws".

Deirdre proposed that women who don't want to forgo their tight trousers can opt for leggings instead.

The over 50s fashion guru also told women to stop wearing a style of dress that is "not that flattering", saying that it "does none of us any favours".

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