Women over 50 should 'stop' wearing style of dress that is 'not that flattering' - 'does none of us any favours'

Women over 50 should 'stop' wearing style of dress that is 'not that flattering' - 'does none of us any favours'
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 02/03/2024

- 07:00

Updated: 04/03/2024

- 21:23

Slip dresses may be a better choice for younger women, a style expert suggested

A woman's style inevitably changes as she ages and a 50-year-old woman will likely wear very different clothing than one half her age.

A style expert for the over 50s has suggested that middle-aged women should forgo their slip dresses.

Deirdre from YouTube's 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre said that while women should "wear what makes you feel happy and confident", there are some items she thinks "do none of us any favours".

The style influencer encouraged women over 50 to swap their slip dresses for more tailored styles.

Middle-aged woman looking at dresses

The style influencer told women over 50 to be mindful of their dress choice


She claimed that while slip dresses are "so pretty and feminine", they "tend to be worn beautifully by young girls who can look ethereal in them".

"I tend to look a bit more odd," Deirdre said, "and not quite right."

She added that the "smooth and thin fabric" of many slip dresses means that they can show off "lumps, bumps and general stuff that honestly, we'd rather not display".

Deirdre continued: "Slip dresses are not that flattering for many body shapes, especially at our age." She claimed that some specific body shapes "struggle" with slip dresses.

The style influencer said that apples might find it difficult to wear a slip dress because the material might be too tight around the torso, while rectangles may look "even more column-like".

Pear shapes may fill out the bottom of a slip dress so that it's "too tight", and ladies with bigger busts could struggle to accommodate it.

Deirdre explained: "In my experience at least, in order to get a slip dress that fits the bust, you have to get one that is too big on the rest of the body". This leaves her "swimming" in the fabric, resulting in a less flattering look.

But ditching slip dresses does not have to mean ridding your wardrobes of dresses entirely.

Young woman wearing a slip dress

Deirdre suggested that slim dresses are best suited to younger women who can look 'ethereal' in them


The influencer suggested that women might like to opt for "sophisticated silhouettes that are timeless", for example tailored dresses or fit and flare - "really, really flattering".

Deirdre also gave women over 50 some advice on making their waist look smaller without diet or exercise.

In other fashion news for the over 50s, one expert urged women of this age to ditch a warm clothing item that "does nothing for their figure".

She advised against wearing shapeless, boxy pieces, suggesting that women can still be cosy and comfy with well-fitting items.

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