'It looks sloppy!' Ditch trendy piece of clothing that adds years to your appearance

Woman trying yellow dress / woman in oversized jumper

Women are encouraged to ditch trendy clothes that look "sloppy"

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 10/07/2024

- 10:00

A style expert shared how women can look years younger by changing what they wear

What you reach for in your closet can impact your appearance more than you may realise, potentially adding years to how old you look.

Speaking to GB News, one expert advised the pieces of clothing that could be a mistake if trying to look younger.

Baggy clothes have become more fashionable in recent years, with oversized T-shirts and loose trousers making their way onto more and more runways.

However, choosing this look will not be flattering for many mature women, according to design manager at Hockerty Teresa Fernández.

Woman trying on clothes

Baggy clothing is not flattering for many women


She said: "Baggy clothes often look sloppy. As we get older, two common style missteps are ignoring fit and playing it too safe. Wearing clothes that don't fit well can ruin even the nicest outfit.

"Made-to-measure pieces ensure a perfect fit. Also, don't be afraid to add some bold colours or patterns to keep your look fresh."

The expert urged women to think about the colours and shades they choose as well.

Bold colours and patterns can add a welcome boost to your look, whereas dull shades can make you appear older than your years and fade into the background.

The expert added: "Dull colours [should be avoided]. Brighten your look with lively shades. Style should be fun and reflect the real you."

Another way to turn back to the clock is to use accessories effectively when putting together an outfit.

An expert encouraged women to add a "statement" accessory to any outfit to look years younger and define bone structure.

Wearing glasses that suit your face can be incredibly flexible, and those who do not need a prescription can achieve this look with sunglasses.

Vintage fashion expert and owner of Modes and More Susie Nelson told GB News: "Use glasses as a statement accessory, be they reading, prescription or sunglasses.


Woman baggy shirt

Dull colours and baggy items should be avoided


"The right shaped and colour framed glasses can be a great addition to your wardrobe and the marketplace for these, especially online, has expanded enormously in recent years.

"Great frames in interesting materials can define bone structure and set off eyes and eyebrows. If eyes need more pop, remember the eye drops."

Try different styles to find the most flattering ones for you. Glasses that highlight your strongest features will work wonders.

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