The UK regions where house prices have risen and fallen the most shared - full list

The UK regions where house prices have risen and fallen the most shared - full list

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 12/02/2024

- 15:27

The UK regions with the biggest concentration of house price rises have been shared

Property prices appear to be on the rise, with some UK areas benefitting more than others.

Experts at Zoopla have shared the places where house prices have increased the most.

Around one in 10 homes have increased in value by five per cent in the last year, with one in five holding their value, the research stated.

House prices increased for an average of £7,800 in 2023 for those who experienced increases.

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House prices have soared in some areas


The areas where the highest concentration of homes increased in value by at least five per cent have been shared.

Here are the percentages of homes that recorded rises of this size in the areas.

UK areas with highest concentration of house price rises

1. Rossendale, North West, 44.2%

2. Blackburn with Darwen, North West, 34.5%

3. Telford and Wrekin, West Midlands, 32.6%

=4. Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, 32.3%

=4. Burnley, North West, 32.3%

6. Bolton, North West, 31.1%

7. Inverclyde, Scotland, 30.0%

8. Glasgow City, Scotland, 29.7%

9. Carlisle, North West, 28.9%

10. Knowsley, North West, 27.9%

The areas where house prices dropped by five per cent or more have also been shared.

UK areas with highest concentration of house price falls

1. Dover, South East, 52.4%

2. Hastings, South East, 50.7%

3. Aberdeen City, Scotland, 45.1%

4. Canterbury, South East, 43.4%

5. Thanet, South East, 40.9%

6. Rother, South East, 38.6%

7. Folkestone & Hythe, South East, 35.8%

8. Tendring, Eastern England, 35.3%

9. Moray, Scotland, 32.1%

10. South Holland, East Midlands, 31.5%

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The areas that have seen the biggest increases have been shared


Senior property researcher at Zoopla Izabella Lubowiecka said: “While national house prices indices pointed to modest house price falls over 2023, our property-by-property level tracking of home values shows that most homes saw their value unchanged or slightly higher over the year.

"Value reductions were focused in southern England while modest gains were recorded in lower priced, more affordable housing markets.”

This comes as the recent Halifax House Price Index showed similar increases.

It revealed the UK hotspots with the strongest house prices as rates climb for the fourth consecutive month.

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