Legendary car brand could be phased off UK roads after major shake-up


It is estimated that Seat has manufactured more than 16 million cars

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 04/09/2023

- 15:40

Updated: 04/09/2023

- 15:43

The iconic manufacturer could move into other industries, like electric scooters or smaller cars

A staple car manufacturer often seen on UK roads could soon be gone with new plans that could phase the brand out.

Seat is expected to move into electric mobility and away from being a mainstream car maker.

Speaking at the Munich Motor Show, Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, said: “The future of Seat is Cupra.”

It was confirmed that existing Seat models would continue to be produced in their current lifecycles, meaning they could still appear on UK roads for a number of years.

Seat Leon

A Seat Leon


The legendary Seat name will still carry on despite the change in direction for the company.

Thomas Schäfer confirmed that Volkswagen Group would “find a different role for it”.

It is estimated that the Spanish brand, which was founded in 1950, has manufactured more than 16 million cars.

Seat is probably best known for its Ibiza, Leon and Ateca models, while also manufacturing the Leon Estate, Arona and Tarraco cars.

Autocar said it was likely that Seat could change direction to focus on alternative “mobility solutions”.

This could include e-scooters, which they have already ventured into with the 87-mile range MÓ, or other small vehicles.

Volkswagen Group also confirmed that it would “invest strongly” in Cupra, the brand’s lifestyle and sports car arm.

Thomas Schäfer continued, saying: "I think it was the right decision in hindsight, but it's a gamble.

“I’ve seen lots of new names come up and go, but this was a good decision. Cupra is bigger than Alfa Romeo and Polestar, so not just new brands but also old.”

Cupra is the fastest-growing brand in Europe, with industry leaders expecting Cupra to overtake Seat for a number of years.

It is possible that the Seat name could be dropped completely from the Leon when the car is given an upgrade next year.

The Seat Ibiza is also on the chopping block, with many predicting that it is unlikely to be replaced in its current form.


Cupra DarkRebel concept car

Cupra DarkRebel concept car


Cupra is already looking ahead, with an SUV planned for 2024 based on the Audi Q3 to meet the growing demand for larger vehicles.

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