'I'm 55 and I swear by a daily product that protects against ageing - it helps me look naturally young'

'I'm 55 and I swear by a daily product that protects against ageing - it helps me look naturally young'

Deirdre Nicholas gives style advice to women over 50

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 11/04/2024

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Applying sunscreen should be a fixture in your morning routine

Women over 50 can take years off their age by making small changes to their skin care, hair and makeup, diet, wardrobe and lifestyle. Incorporating exercise can also work wonders for women who want to look younger.

Registered nutritional therapist Helen Perks spoke exclusively to GB News about how ladies can age backward. She said: "These are the tools I use to help myself look naturally younger for longer at the age of 55." For one key tip, she told fellow anti-ageing enthusiasts to remember to apply SPF.

The expert told women over 50 to "adopt a gentle, consistent skin care routine". She advised: "Look for natural products to enhance skin texture and firmness. I use Tropic Skincare."

The wellness enthusiast also encouraged ladies to stock up on SPF. "Don't forget natural sunscreen to protect against premature ageing," she warned.

Middle-aged women with beautiful skin

Women over 50 have been told the secret to looking young: sunscreen


A study on anti-ageing and sunscreen, published in the National Library of Medicine, said that skin is "most visible and the widest exposed organ and by far reflects the general health condition and the ageing process in humans".

It continued: "Photoprotection helps to prevent skin ageing which includes the use of sunscreens, protective clothing and sunglasses, avoiding sun’s harmful radiation thereby reducing the progression of skin ageing."

The nutritional therapist also emphasised the importance of self-care and making appropriate lifestyle changes as we get older.

She told women: "Prioritise sleep and stress management. Quality sleep promotes cell repair, while practices like yoga or meditation can reduce stress levels, minimising stress-induced ageing.

"Regular, moderate exercise boosts circulation, contributing to a youthful glow. Incorporate strength training to maintain muscle tone, support bone health, and improve posture," she added.

As for necessary diet changes, the expert recommended emphasizing antioxidant-rich foods like berries, nuts, and leafy greens.

She explained: "These nutrients fight free radicals, reducing the signs of ageing. Hydration is key. Drinking enough filtered water keeps the skin supple and detoxifies the body."

Women of a certain age can also look younger naturally by making slight tweaks to their makeup routines and wardrobe.

Helen said: "Consider modern, lighter makeup techniques to highlight features without emphasizing lines.

"Wear styles that flatter your figure and express your personal style confidently. Often, a well-chosen wardrobe can instantly update your appearance."


Middle-aged woman sleeping

'Quality sleep promotes cell repair'


For those who are comfortable making a big change, the expert encouraged women over 50 to change their hair.

She asked them to consider "softer hair hues that complement your skin tone". Aged skin is often paler, thinner and translucent, so harsh hair hues can make for an ageing contrast.

The expert concluded: "These tips, grounded in a holistic approach to wellness, can help women over 50 look and feel their best."

Women in middle age and older may find that their necks become saggy over time, giving away their age.

A plastic surgeon told women how they can lift and tighten their droopy necks without going under the knife.

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