'I'm a 62-year-old grandmother but people think I'm years younger thanks to a daily routine'

Woman looking younger

Nicci is often mistaken for being younger

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 24/09/2023

- 04:00

Updated: 03/10/2023

- 14:51

A grandmother of four shared the key things she does each day to stay looking so young

Nicci Roscoe, 62, has often been mistaken for looking years younger.

Lots of factors play into appearance, including diet, exercise, skin care and genes.

The grandmother explained exercise has always been part of her routine and has helped her stay looking and feeling young.

She said: "My exercise routine has always been three to four times a week doing a different workout in a class or the gym.

Woman looking younger

A range of lifestyle factors help her stay young


"At one time I trained others to run marathons and triathlons and used to run about seven miles six times a week on my own or with a friend.

"This was my release after teaching nine classes a week and training others.

"In more recent times, I am happy walking in nature, going to the gym three times a week and swimming when I can."

Nicci - who works as a holistic health and wellbeing practitioner and author of new book ‘Manifest Your Everything: How To Love Yourself and Create Your Dream Life’ - praised healthy eating.

She continued: "Healthy eating is so important for our health and wellbeing and I focus as much as possible on eating a healthy diet.

"There are times that I just want chocolate, French bread and butter or Chinese takeaway and I never deprive myself but will always find a way back to eating well again.

"A healthy balanced way of eating can give us a more positive mindset. Eating badly can really affect your mood and energy.

"I’ve never liked the taste of alcohol apart from the occasional sweet prosecco and other alcoholic drinks or cocktails that don’t taste like alcohol.

"I drink herbal tea, water with the occasional elderflower cordial and sparkling water. I also have celery juice every morning that gives me a boost for the day and is full of antioxidants."

Nicci also credited sleeping "at least six to seven hours" a night for glowing skin.

Her simple skin care routine consists of toner, serum, moisturiser and under eye cream.

A good skin care routine is key for looking younger and Demi Moore previously shared three base steps for glowing skin.


Woman sitting on chair

Nicci shared the importance of exercise


Holistic practices such as meditation, crystals and Reiki are also part of Nicci's routine.

She added: "I’ve been regularly told I don’t look old enough to be a grandmother and I could be my daughter and son’s sister.

"It’s a beautiful compliment and I’m very grateful. Thank you to genetics, healthy eating, nature, exercise, positive attitude, meditation, Reiki, crystals and everything else."

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