Woman who still gets ID'd at nearly 40 shares number one rule to looking years younger

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Danielle shares her secret to looking young

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 16/09/2023

- 04:01

The woman has shared her top tip as she has been complimented on her youthful appearance many times

Danielle Baron is often mistaken for being much younger than her years.

The Ms GB finalist spoke exclusively to GB News to share her number one tip for looking younger.

At 39, Danielle said people will usually think she is about 10 years younger - or more.

She has recently been ID'd when buying alcohol as she was thought to be some 20 years younger than her age.

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She credited staying out of the sun


​Danielle explained: "I am nearly 40 but people say I look early 30s.

"When ordering alcohol from Deliveroo, I have even been asked for ID."

So what is the secret to great skin?

Danielle gives the most credit to keeping her face protected from the sun.

She said: "[I stay] out of the sun. We didn't have much money growing up so there were not many holidays until I got into my early 30s.

"I am an entrepreneur and I work from home. Usually when it's sunny, I'm indoors."

Protecting skin from the sun has been proven to help with anti-ageing.

In fact, Yale Medicine explained the main symptoms of sun damage are wrinkles, loss of facial elasticity and spots.

Director of aesthetics at Yale Medicine Dermatology Kathleen Suozzi, MD, said: “I see many patients who have a lot sun damage.

“They feel like their skin aged them, that they appear older than some of their peers, and they’re regretful of not being better with sun protection in their youth.”

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She explained looking young runs in her family


Using an SPF every day, even when the sun is not shining, can help protect against accelerated signs of ageing.

Of course, genetics will play a big part in how quickly you show your age.

Danielle added her mum has also always looked younger than she was and that seems to have been passed on to her.

"My mum has always looked at least 10 years younger," Danielle said. "She is 81 and only has recently started getting grey hair!"

Celebs will often get mistaken for being much younger than they are.

Michelle Pfeiffer uses a certain type of product to look years younger at 65.

Demi Moore, 60, has also spoken about her skin care necessities.

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