Create 'bigger, brighter and healthier' roses with a gardening job to do now - but you must be quick

Woman caring for roses / white roses in garden

Experts share how to create a "bigger and brighter" bloom

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 27/05/2024

- 07:00

Roses make a beautiful addition to any garden and an expert shared tips for a "beautiful" bloom

Roses produce a lovely display but they need plenty of care and attention to keep them looking their best.

Luckily, an expert has shared a top tip to get a "bigger, brighter and healthier bloom".

Fertilising roses a couple of times a year can make all the difference, gardening expert from Toolstation Claire Baglin stated.

However, Britons need to act quickly as it should be done before the summer months. Claire said: "Roses should be fertilised twice a year – once in spring and then again during the summer months.

Rose in garden

Rose shrubs should be fertilised twice a year


“Doing so now will fill your garden with bright, beautiful roses to enjoy alongside the nice weather. Ideally, roses should be fed before they have flowered, which is typically around March or April, however you may still be able to catch them now.

“Whether they have bloomed or not, it’s important to give them some extra support during spring as this is when they start to grow and make the most of the nutrients provided."

As well as using a good fertiliser, the gardening expert highlighted the importance of watering roses regularly.

She continued: "Provide roses with one or two inches of water each week between spring and autumn. In hot and dry weather, water them more frequently, around every three or four days.

"Water roses in the mornings, especially in summer. This can reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation and help the roses absorb water better.

"It also helps to prevent diseases, as wet foliage is more at risk from mildew."

Another way to guarantee the healthy growth of roses is by pruning when needed, Claire continued.

She said: "Prune roses in late winter or early spring when new growth is beginning. Remove dead or dying branches as well as weak, thin stems.

​"Healthy stems should be around the thickness of a pencil. When pruning, make cuts at a 45-degree angle, as this encourages new growth to sprout in an outward direction, creating a more open rose."


Peach roses in garden

Experts shared advice for looking after roses


This comes as experts shared how to keep peonies "fresher for longer" with a simple overnight hack.

Technical manager at Arena Flowers Asta Foufas said: “As peony season in the UK is fairly short-lived, lasting from early May to the end of June, it’s important that fans of this beautiful flower get them while they can.

“My top piece of advice to keep your peonies blooming for longer is to keep them cool.

“Simply placing your flowers in the fridge overnight can help them look fresher for longer."

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