Peonies, Irises and Sunflowers will grow profusely over the summer with three expert-approved gardening hacks

Peonies, Irises and Sunflowers will grow profusely over the summer with three expert-approved gardening hacks

Royal Horticultural Society

Royal Horticultural Society
Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 21/05/2024

- 16:00

Gardening enhusiasts have shared their pro tips for a successful yield this growing season

Growing and maintaining plants over the summer is a challenge for many gardeners, but professional tips could make life easier.

Fortunately, experts at Yell have volunteered their advice to ensure blooms reach their full potential this growing season.

Their research identified several varieties of blooms that are growing in popularity, with sunflowers, irises and peonies coming up trumps.

All three varieties have different needs, and failing to understand their requirements could cause widespread damage in your garden, the green-thumbed enthusiasts explained.

iris flowers

Iris flowers will add a splash of colour to the garden over many years



Growing sunflower from seeds is an easy process, but without adequate care, the yellow blooms may cause damage to surrounding foliage.

Yell experts said: “Sunflowers have an allelopathic chemical that they secrete to inhibit the growth of surrounding plants, so make sure that you put sunflowers far away from your other plants to avoid stunted growth.

“Incorrect placement could cause the perishing of other plants and veggies. If you are unsure which plants grow well together, and which do not, speak to your local gardening expert to avoid mishaps.”


Peonies are also relatively easy to grow and will survive more than 50 years if looked after properly.

“Because peony roots are underground stems, it’s important not to plant them too deeply in the soil,” noted the experts at Yell.

“There should be no more than about an inch of soil covering the uppermost roots. If they are placed deeper than that, the plant will be robust, but with very few flowers.”


The Royal Horticultural Society says Irises are widely appreciated because they are easy to grow and some of the earliest flowers to bloom.


\u200bPeonies flowerPeonies will last longer if stored in a cool place GETTY

Whether they’re grown in a container or the open garden, they are hardy and will provide colours for years to come.

“To make the process of planting your irises exponentially easier, consider this popular hack that is doing the rounds on social media,” shared Yell experts.

“With this hack - used by many avid gardeners - all you have to do is create an 'X' in the soil with your shovel.

“This allows you to gently and more easily lift the dirt, and plant the iris firmly and quickly in the ground.”

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