Gardening jobs to do before the end of August or risk stunting growth

Woman gardening in garden

Some gardening jobs should be carried out this month

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/08/2023

- 11:59

Gardeners should complete some jobs before the end of the month to help their garden thrive for the rest of the year

A garden needs maintenance throughout the year to keep it looking its best.

What jobs need to be done, and how often, will change depending on the season and weather.

As summer draws to a close, there are some things all gardeners should do before we head into colder months.

A big task that needs to be completed within days concerns hedges and lawns, according to gardening expert Fiona Jenkins at

Hedge in garden

Gardeners should tend to their hedges


She said now is the time to trim hedges for the final time this year.

The expert said: "In August, you’ll need to do a final trim of all of your hedges before their growth stunts in the winter.

"When cutting, leave the top of the hedge for last and then rake away all of the fallen twigs and leaves to keep your garden from looking unappealing."

Lawn care is important during the summer with the grass needing cut regularly.

However, gardeners can slow down on how often they do this in the coming weeks.

Fiona explained tips for cutting your grass now.

She said: "When working on your lawn, avoid using any fertilisers that are high in nitrogen.

"This will only encourage the grass to grow, which can be damaging over the winter months. The grass will soon start to grow much more slowly, so you'll need to put your lawn mower on a higher cut setting."

Man planting vegetables

Now is a good time to plant winter vegetables


Gardeners should take the time now to prepare their gardens for the winter months, Fiona continued.

She said: "Late August is the time to prepare your garden for the colder months of winter. You can plan your winter garden while enjoying the August sun. Plant some new bulbs such as colchicums and nerines ready for the autumn months.

"Prepare your garden ready for winter by planning out your vegetable patches and garden borders.

"Now is also the best time for planting your winter vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli, so that they are ready for harvesting in the winter."

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