'Soggy!' Tesco launches limited-edition sandwich but customers are bothered by key ingredient - 'this is so wrong'

Tesco Beechwood Ham, Egg and Chips / Tesco

Tesco's new limited-edition sandwich has raised eyebrows

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 21/03/2024

- 21:00

Updated: 27/03/2024

- 13:31

Tesco shoppers do not like the sound of cold chips

Tesco shoppers aren't sure what to think about the supermarket's latest sandwich, the Beechwood Ham, Egg and Chips.

Newfoodsuk posted a picture of the new sarnie to Facebook alongside the caption: "Limited Edition Ham, Egg and Chips sandwich spotted at Tesco!" The sandwich is a main in the Tesco Meal Deal offer.

The post has amassed more than 800 reactions, including love hearts and likes - but also over 100 shocked faces.

Tesco shoppers flocked to the comments section, some absolutely delighted about the limited-edition lunch, and others slightly disturbed.

Tesco Beechwood Ham, Egg and Chips

'Cold, possibly soggy chips - it's a no from me'

Facebook / Newfoodsuk

One chip fan said: "Love it." Another tagged their loved one, stating: "You’ll like this concoction." A third said: "I eat that." Another Tesco shopper stated: "This is so nice."

One Tesco shopper couldn't wait to get their hands on the sarnie: "I’m no fan of supermarket sandwiches but I’m on a mission to get one of these now. Thanks for posting."

However, not everyone was convinced by this Tesco take on the chip butty. Many shoppers couldn't get over the fact the chips would be cold.

A chip sandwich fan said: "Ham, egg and chips is one of my most favourites and making a butty yes but a cold sandwich with chips…no thank you."

One disgruntled shopper said: "This sounds absolutely disgusting." A second added: "Cold, possibly soggy chips - it's a no from me." Another agreed: "This is so wrong."

One shopper was bothered by the idea of eating chips that weren't hot. They said: "Eeew cold chips, no thanks." Another shopper was in agreement: "Cold chips. Just no!"

Many Tesco shoppers shared the sentiment. Yet another Tesco shopper said: "Not really a fan of cold chips".

One customer was dubious about the new Tesco sandwich but wanted to try it nonetheless. They exclaimed: "How British is this!! Sounds gross with the cold chips but kind of tempted to try it anyway!"

Others took issue with pre-packaged sandwiches in general. One Facebook user said: "I used to work at a sandwich factory and all I will say is I would never eat a ready-made sandwich."

Another added: "Looks terrible and processed. Don’t eat supermarket sandwiches - cheap fodder. Eat real food."



'I’m no fan of supermarket sandwiches but I’m on a mission to get one of these now'


A Tesco spokesperson told GB News: "We think the ham, egg and chips sandwich could go on to become a breakfast classic, especially for those who need to grab a bite while on the go. We know how well-loved the chip butty is with the nation, plus we have seen a massive surge of people admitting their guilty pleasure of a crisp sandwich on social media, combined with British pub favourite ham, egg and chips.

"The mini salt and vinegar fries gives a crunch to the Beechwood smoked ham and chunky, rich, egg mayonnaise."

Tesco isn't the only supermarket that has raised eyebrows in recent days.

Marks and Spencer has launched Extra Cream Custard Creams but some shoppers are convinced they "look exactly the same" as the original.

Iceland has also recently caused controversy with its Hot Cross Buns, coming under fire for replacing the cross with a tick.

In the fast food world, McDonald's fans are very unsure about a new dessert. Some customers can't wait to get their hands on it, while one slammed it as "absolutely vile".

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