‘They just do it!’ Stephen Dixon gives top tip for slashing car insurance costs

‘They just do it!’ Stephen Dixon gives top tip for slashing car insurance costs

‘They just do it!’ Stephen Dixon gives top tip for slashing car insurance costs

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 18/04/2024

- 12:12

Britain is set for another year of skyrocketing car insurance premiums after the cost of insuring a vehicle rose to record levels last year.

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GB News host Stephen Dixon has given viewers a top tip for slashing the cost of their car insurance.

This comes as the cost of car insurance premiums is set to skyrocket again this year.

The average price of car insurance is now roughly £465, with London seeing costs as high as £678, data suggests.

Speaking about car insurance on GB News, novelist and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford said: "People are not taking out car insurance because they can't afford it.

Lucy Beresford

Lucy Beresford said car insurance is too expensive for some people

GB News

"There are so many people who live in areas where the transport links are really rubbish, so they need their car.

"If you're a community nurse, if you work in any kind of industry where you're moving around, you might need your car, but you can't afford it.


"People are not making claims on their insurance because first of all, they'll lose their no claims bonus. I mean, my insurance last summer tripled, just tripled, and my car is worth less than my insurance."

Stephen then asked her: "Have you rung them up? I always ring them up and they'll drop it by 50 per cent. They just do it."

Last year, millions of drivers claimed on their policies with insurers paying roughly £1.13million out every hour.

Across the 12 months of 2023, insurance providers paid out a total of £9.9billion in claims for incidents on the road, vehicle damage and thefts.

Cars on a motorwayThe average price for car insurance is now £941 PA

But as more money was paid out, car insurance policies became more expensive to disincentive drivers from claiming.

Young drivers fare worst of all when it comes to paying for car insurance as prices for an average 22-year-old are £667 more expensive than five years ago.

Today, young drivers are forced to pay roughly £1,930 for their car insurance with research from Confused.com finding that more than two in five drivers are paying more for their insurance.

Louise Thomas, motoring expert at Confused.com, said: “For the first time in a while car insurance prices have stalled slightly for most drivers, and this may come as a relief.

Ellie Costello, Stephen Dixon

Stephen Dixon shared his top tip for slashing the cost

GB News

“However, prices are still incredibly high and so people can expect to see their price increase compared to the previous year.”

According to research, three in four drivers who received their renewal between January and March this year were given a more expensive price compared to the previous year.

These motorists saw renewal prices go up by an average of £94, prompting 45 per cent of them to shop around and switch insurers to save money.

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