New speed cameras that can 'see inside cars' vandalised by furious drivers and cut down

A vandalised 20mph speed limit sign and a speed camera

Some motorists have been vandalising speed cameras around the UK

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 20/11/2023

- 14:56

The police stated that the repair costs of a speed camera could be £20,000

Furious drivers are already taking action against new speed cameras which could see inside their vehicles by vandalising them.

Vandals are believed to have used an angle grinder to cut down a VECTOR-SR speed camera on the A394 at Trewennack near Helston in Cornwall.

Another static speed camera had been chopped down in Longdowns, Penryn last week, with police called to attend the incident.

This is the latest act of vandalism after two more cameras monitoring a 30mph zone in Perranarworthal were damaged.

WATCH NOW: Ulez protester dresses up at the Grinch to block cameras

Ian Thompson, superintendent for local policing at Devon and Cornwall Police, slammed the vandals and their actions.

He added: “We're deeply concerned about the recent surge in criminal damage to average speed cameras in the West Cornwall area.

“These acts not only endangers the public but also diverts resources from critical police activity, it disrupts the local community and road users, and places a burden on the taxpayers for the repair costs.

“Our investigations continue and we urge the community to report any suspicious activity or share information that might aid our enquiries.”

Police estimated that the cost to repair an average speed camera is around £20,000, with drivers urged to contact the police if they have any information, Cornwall Live reported.

The VECTOR cameras are more sophisticated than other types of speed monitoring devices, using low-light technology to catch motorists.

With this, drivers will no longer be “flashed” thanks to the infrared technology.

The cameras, which have been described as “ultra”, can also capture two-way traffic and spot someone speeding, using their mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt.

Miles Kenchington, Mayor of Helston, described the act of cutting the speed camera down as “illegal” and a “form of vandalism”.

He continued, saying: "I don't think it's big, I don't think it's clever."

The Mayor suggested that the move could have been a “copycat” incident following a spate of attacks across the UK against “anti-motorist” measures, including protestors in Wales spraying over 20mph speed limit signs.

This also includes the so-called Blade Runners in London blocking, cutting down and even stealing Ultra Low Emission Zone cameras across the capital.

The Metropolitan Police has responded to hundreds of incidents involving the Ulez cameras, as well as mobile camera vans used to check if drivers are abiding by the rules.

In a recent video posted on social media, a Londoner was spotted dressing as the Grinch and blocking a Ulez camera van.


Ulez camera

Some people have been vandalising and cutting down Ulez cameras


The protestor was filmed climbing on a ladder to cover the camera, posing with a sign saying “the Grinch hates Ulez”.

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