Electric car drivers warned of '15 per cent' drop in battery range over Christmas period

Electric car drivers warned of '15 per cent' drop in battery range over Christmas period

Stephen Hammond asks about electric car charging points

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 18/12/2023

- 13:12

There are more than 53,000 electric vehicle charging stations around the UK

Electric car owners are being urged to ensure they can continue on their journeys this Christmas through charging stations without being impacted by range anxiety and empty batteries.

There are already more than one million electric vehicles on the road across the UK and with more than 21 million leisure trips planned over the next week, drivers will need to rely on the public charging network.

With many still hoping for a white Christmas, electric car owners could see dramatic changes to their battery range in the cold weather.

Most modern vehicles come equipped with an app where they can pre-heat their car to deal with the cold winter morning.

Electric car charging

The cold weather could have a dramatic impact on battery range


Drivers who use the function to warm their cabin will also see benefits to their range as the heat will warm the car’s battery to a more efficient level.

However, drivers should keep in mind that EV batteries perform at their most efficient in temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees.

This ensures that the batteries efficiently store and release energy, helping to contribute to an “optimal driving experience”.

With lower winter temperatures expected over the coming weeks and into the new year, low ambient temperatures can be reduced by “between 10 and 15 per cent”.

Charging times can also be affected by the frigid weather, with drivers being urged to take this into account when planning their journey.

Many public charging stations will be located at supermarkets, shopping centres or other important amenities, similar to motorway service stations.

If motorists are planning to travel long distances, they should plan their route along popular motorways where there are plenty of EV chargers to ensure they make it to their destination without being stranded on the roadside.

Speaking to GB News, a spokesperson for Osprey Charging said: “Throughout 2023, Osprey Charging installed over 1,000 EV charge points across the UK, in locations varying from the Scottish Highlands down to the South West of England.

“Osprey Charging’s network has doubled in size this year, giving drivers increased access to reliable, high-quality EV charging, and in the final three months of the year, 11 ultra-rapid charging hubs were opened in locations across the country.”

They highlighted how many Osprey locations were designed to be easy to use, with all charge points offering contactless payments.

This has been a pledge by the Government to make sure EV drivers are not forced to sign up and create multiple accounts just to recharge their vehicles.

According to data from Zapmap, there are 53,029 public electric vehicle charging points up and down the country, across almost 31,000 locations.

This represents an increase of 46 per cent in the total number of chargers since November 2022.

The Government has stated that the UK will meet its goal of installing 300,000 chargers by the end of the decade to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle sales.


Osprey Charging EV charger

Osprey Charging has more than 1,000 chargers across the UK


It recently announced that more than 10,000 rapid and ultra-rapid EV chargers had been installed, highlighting the progress being made to national charging infrastructure.

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