Cadbury launches limited mint edition of favourite chocolate bar - and 1,000 are being given away for free

Twirl mint flavour

The new bar is said to be ideal for summer

Paige Creaney

By Paige Creaney

Published: 24/04/2023

- 17:07

Updated: 25/04/2023

- 11:19

If you're a lover of mint chocolate, you're in for a treat!

Cadbury has announced the launch of a limited edition mint chocolate Twirl Bar, expected to be on the shelves just in time for the summer.

The new flavour will be available from May 1 and chocolate lovers are expected to go crazy.

The new temporary addition to the Twirl family is said to be available nationwide, as well the usual 43 two-finger packs, with an RRP of 75p a bar.

Some lucky lovers of mint chocolate could also be in with the chance of trying the new bar before anyone else, with Cadbury giving away 1,000 Twirl Mints on social media.

A driver delivers Cadbury Twirl Orange Unlimited bars across London

Cadbury have released a number of limited edition flavours over the years


Fans have to simply keep an eye on the Cadbury social pages before successfully navigating through a series of questions to test their dedication to mint chocolate.

The brand noted that Mint is one of the top five flavours for standard chocolate, with the mint chocolate category as a whole worth £66m RSV.

Frederike Grohmann, brand manager for Cadbury Twirl, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be bringing this brand-new flavour to our beloved Twirl range.

“The mint flavour paired with Twirl’s swirly and flaky texture is a must-try combo, which we can’t wait for shoppers to experience.

“With Twirl, we’re passionate about bringing value to the singles market through continued innovation.

“Over the past few years, we’ve brought orange, caramel and now mint flavours to the bar, driving the category into fresh and exciting places for both retailers and shoppers alike.”

Unfortunately, the UK isn’t the first to get a taste of the new flavour, after shoppers in Australia went wild in 2020 when Cadbury launched mint-flavoured chocolate bites.

The nationwide launch is the third limited-edition bar since 2022, following its Caramel and Orange launches.

Cadbury sign

Cadbury haven't said how long the bar will be available for


The Cadbury Twirl, a chocolate bar made up of two intertwined fingers of light, flaky chocolate, has been a fan favourite for many years.

It is not clear how long the new addition is set to last, and whether they’ll come back for special occasions.

Fans can expect to see the limited edition chocolate bar on sale from May 1.

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