Woke madness: Children's cartoon Paw Patrol introduces first non-binary character

Rubble and Crew

Rubble and Crew has been accused of going 'woke'

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 22/09/2023

- 09:08

The spin-off to popular animated series Paw Patrol, titled Rubble & Crew, landed on UK screens this month

Animated children's series Paw Patrol has garnered a global fanbase since it premiered a decade ago.

So much so, the Paw Patrol universe is expanding with a new spin-off, Rubble & Crew - and it's already hitting headlines.

Rubble & Crew writers have decided to introduce skateboarder River to the show which is confirmed to be non-binary.

Gay-rights activist, author and show consultant Lindz Amer shared the decision to introduce a character from the LGBTQ+ community in a lengthy Instagram post.

"If you’re in the mood for a Saturday Morning Cartoon then YOU SHOULD WATCH MY EPISODE OF RUBBLE & CREW!!" Amer penned in the social media post.

Amer continued: "It’s officially out in the world and that means I can talk about it!! I got to write an episode of Rubble & Crew (the construction spin-off series from the Paw Patrol franchise).

River in Rubble and Crew

Non-binary character River in Rubble and Crew


"They brought me on to consult on the first nonbinary character—meet River!!—for the PP universe and write their episode, talk about a bucket list item.

"I wanted to write a nonbinary character that was aspirational and incredibly cool, someone for the pups (and kids at home) to look up to.

"They found an awesome non-binary actor (@cihang_ma) to voice River and I’m so so happy about how it turned out."

However, the uproar caused by the introduction of the character to a children's programme has led Amer to encourage fans to report those opposed to her creation.

"Happy Monday! Another week, another jerk s**tposting about my work," Amer said in a separate social media post.

The writer went on: "My to do list this week is [a mountain] so if anyone on here has the bandwidth to report folks on my paw patrol post that would be cooool," followed by prayer emojis.

But Amer's pleas appear to have fallen on deaf ear as the online community on Twitter have expressed their disdain at seeing a cartoon "go woke".

"I regret to inform you that Paw Patrol has gone woke," one fan raged online while a second asked: "Why the hell does Paw Patrol need a trans character?"

Rubble and Crew

Rubble and Crew airs on Channel 5 and Nickelodeon in the UK


Meanwhile, a third added: "Wow! @pawpatrol did you learn nothing from @budlight or @Target? Apparently Paw Patrol just had to go woke.

"My kid will never watch this trash again. Live your life how you want, but quit trying to indoctrinate my kids @lindzamer."

A fourth echoed: "Paw patrol now has a spinoff show announced earlier, Rubble and Crew, where the transgender DOGS are now trans....seriously they need a Bud light treatment!!!" (sic)

The Bud Light treatment these users were referring to centres on the US beer giant witnessing plummeting sales after trans activist Dylan Mulvaney promoted the beverage on TikTok.

And the uproar sparked by Paw Patrol comes just weeks after it was revealed a children's book which featured older men in bondage gear with Pride themes was being read in classrooms.

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